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Tag Results for "Royal Wedding"

Hispanic World Prepares for Nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina

The Hispanic world, like everywhere else, is preparing for the royal wedding nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina, as they will be known in the region. Traditionally, the names of Popes, and members of the Royalty are translated, a practice alive since the Renaissance. continue reading »

Mexican Girl Trying to Witness Royal Wedding not Allowed in the UK

Estíbaliz Chávez stood on hunger strike for 16 days in México before a kind hearted philanthropist took an interest and paid for her ticket. Now, she’s stuck in limbo, as she’s been denied access to the UK for the Royal Wedding. continue reading »

SHE MADE IT! Hunger Striker Estébaliz Chávez Will Go to the UK for Royal Wedding

Her persistence has paid off. Sort of. Estébaliz Chávez, a Mexican teen who protested outside the British embassy to get an invitation to the royal wedding, has received a donation from Octavio Fitch Lazo, for plane tickets to London. continue reading »