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Tag Results for "Ronaldinho"

Brazilian Soccer Great Ronaldinho Works to Eliminate AIDS in Brazil and Globally

The United Nations has a new striker on its team to defeat HIV/AIDS, Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho, who will now parlay his devastating skills on the sports field into raising awareness among young people worldwide to help block further infections. continue reading »

Top 5 Goals from the Corner, Including Ronaldinho’s Most Recent Feat (VIDEO)

An almost impossible feat, only a few manage to score from a 0 degree angle. Inside the top 5 from-the-corner goals of 2011. continue reading »

Osama Bin Laden Fan Hacks and Defaces Ronaldinho’s Website

An apparent Osama Bin Laden fan hacked and defaced Ronaldinho’s personal website, in one of the most ridiculous hack-attacks we’ve seen. The cyber-bandido started by comparing the futboler to Jar Jar Binks. continue reading »

20,000+ Mob Greets Brazilian Soccer Star Ronaldinho Back in Rio de Janeiro (VIDEO)

Ronaldinho,the Brazilian two time world player of the year, has returned to his homeland Brazil, as he signed a four year contract with the Flamingo soccer club, after a disappointing stint with the AC Milán. continue reading »