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Tag Results for "Roberto Arango"

Former PR Senator Arango’s Resignation Letter Available and You’ll Never Believe Who He Blames

Read the resignation letter here, where former Puerto Rico Senator Roberto Arango, lays the blame for publishing cyber-ass-pics on sinister political adversaries and the advances of technology. continue reading »

Puerto Rican Politician’s Peeled Pictures

Normally I wouldn’t bother commenting on it, but this time it involves a Puerto Rican politician, meaning from the actual island of Puerto Rico. It appears as though the senator and estadista Roberto Arango has been caught with his pants down and in a compromising position – literally. continue reading »

ANOTHER Republican Politician Caught in Sexting Scandal

Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango was caught sending dirty pictures from a gay hook-up site. Arango claims he’d been taking pics to document his recent weight loss. continue reading »