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Tag Results for "River Plate"

Stampede at Argentine Stadium Killed 74, Injured 150 in 1968

Today in Latin American history, stampede towards a closed exit at Argentine football stadium killed 74, injured 150 in 1968. continue reading »

Falkland Island Flare Up Between Spanish Fishermen and Argentine Coast Guard

A Spanish-flagged fishing boat that operates in the Falkland Islands was harassed by an Argentine coast guard ship and took refuge in Uruguayan waters, a navy spokesman told Efe Sunday. continue reading »

VIRAL: Argentine Abuelito Swears, Cusses and Insults the TV for the Love of Futbol (VIDEO)

His favorite team, one of Argentina’s greatest, had a terrible season that ended with the team being demoted to the 2nd division. continue reading »

RIOTS After Argentine Fútbol Team River Plate Gets Demoted (VIDEO)

The Argentine fútbol team with the most titles ended a horrible season last weekend, relegated to the B division for the first time in 110 years! continue reading »

AC/DC Releases New Live in Argentina DVD

“AC/DC Live at River” is the name of the new DVD containing live material from the Aussie band’s shows at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. continue reading »