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Tag Results for "Rio De Janeiro"

Rio’s Most Wanted Drug Lord Found Dead After Shootout

Brazilian police on Saturday found the dead body of a suspected major drug dealer in the slums of Rio de Janeiro shortly after a shootout. continue reading »

UN Welcomes Brazil’s Contribution to Global Humanitarian Action

The United Nations humanitarian affairs chief yesterday pledged support for Brazil’s humanitarian work around the world, highlighting the country’s contributions in the areas of disaster-risk prevention and food security. continue reading »

Brazil: 30 Tourists Robbed During Hiking Trip

About 30 tourists were robbed over the weekend by six armed men while hiking in Tijuca National Park in the southern section of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police said. continue reading »

60,000 Turn out in Rio Carnival to Hear Beatles Music

A musical troupe that sets Beatles tunes to Brazilian beats on Monday drew 60,000 people to a Carnival street party in Rio de Janeiro. continue reading »

Brazil Creating 19 Millionaires Every Day

According to information from bankers in Brazil, each day, thanks to Brazil’s growing economy, the country creates more than a dozen millionaires every day. The information from the b continue reading »

Britney Spears Bitten By Brazilian Fan (VIDEO)

A young Brazilian fan couldn’t help himself and as Brit wrapped her legs around him in the middle of a lap dance routine, he bit the pop star’s calf! continue reading »

NARCO BLOG Brazilian Police Capture Rio de Janeiro’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin

Antonio Bonfim Lopes, reputed boss of the drug gang that controls the sprawling Rio slum of Rocinha, was arrested by Brazilian police in the wee hours of Thursday. continue reading »

2,600 Beer Cans Delivered to Rio De Janeiro Jail For Criminal Cops

Rio’s radio station “BandNews FM” has reported that police officers are investigating the person who allowed 243 gallons of beer to enter a Brazilian prison. continue reading »

Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber Duet at The Biebs’ Show in Rio de Janeiro (VIDEO)

Bieber and Gómez decided to treat Brazilian crowds with something special, check their performance of "Who Says." continue reading »

Brazilian Bank Workers go On Strike

Workers from private and public banks in Brazil have gone on strike, aiming to pressure the National Federation of Banks into meeting the Union’s demands. continue reading »

Brazilian Abuelita Put in Morgue While Still Alive!

A woman in her sixties was declared dead, put in a plastic bag and left for two hours in a Rio de Janeiro morgue by mistake. continue reading »