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Rick Perry’s Motives

Sixth graders in Texas have known no Governor in their state other than Rick Perry. He was elected the year they were born. If you’re a Latino sixth grader this is significant. Public education in Texas during Perry’s tenure has been at best stagnant and at worst declining. Public school funding in the state has diminished as minority student enrollment has increased. And over the past 12 years Texas school children have become a casualty of political battles. continue reading »

Report: Texas Executed The Wrong Man Because He Looked Like The Real Murderer

Last year, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) admitted that he “never struggled . . . at all” with whether someone his state executed might have been innocent. Yet a new book written by Columbia Law Professor James Liebman shows that Carlos DeLuna, executed by Texas in 1989, was innocent. continue reading »

Majority of Latino Voters Say Religion has No Impact on Voting Preferences

The poll revealed that a majority of Latino voters, 53%, stated that religion does not have an impact on their voting preference, while 40% of respondents indicated that it does have an impact. continue reading »

Romney v Perry on Immigration at Last Night’s Debate (VIDEO)

At Tuesday’s GOP debate, Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry really seemed to get under each other’s skin, interrupting and even putting their hands on one another, but Perry was not holding anything back when it came to Romney’s history on immigration. continue reading »

Governors from U.S. and Mexico Skip Out on Border Conference

For the second year in a row, three of the four U.S. governors whose states adjoin Mexico are skipping an annual conference with their counterparts continue reading »

Perry Apologizes For Calling Those Opposed to In-state Tuition for Undocumented “Heartless” (VIDEO)

In recent GOP presidential debates, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been lambasted by fellow Republicans for approving in-state tuition for the undocumented immigrants of his state. Last week, he fought back saying anyon continue reading »

NV Gov. Brian Sandoval Says He Will Not Run as Gov. Perry’s Vice President

Though Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has been public about his support of presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry, he recently stated that he has no plans to leave his present job to run as Perry’s vice president. continue reading »

On Immigration & Latino Voters, GOP 2012 Contenders Just Don’t Get It

The reviews continue to pour in about last week’s Republican presidential primary debate and the consensus is clear – the GOP’s continued mishandling of the immigration issue threatens their chances in the general election, especially with respect to reaching the 40% threshold with Latino voters. Among the new reactions to the debate and other developments from over the weekend: continue reading »

Washington Post and National Journal: GOP Losing Latino Voters With Immigration Politics

A Washington Post editorial notes that Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) is just the latest candidate to use “the usual Republican crutch to justify his position, insisting that the border must be made secure before reform is possible. But the border is more secure than it has been in decades — as measured by the soaring federal presence and plummeting rates of illegal crossings and crime on the frontier — and the GOP’s argument is looking increasingly threadbare.” continue reading »

Cowboy Perry is Just Part of the Conservative Herd

Just when you thought Americans have had their fill of Texas governors, Rick Perry has become a media darling since officially declaring his 2012 presidential bid earlier this month. He’s singled out as the man to beat in the Republican primaries; continue reading »

Rick Perry Walking a Fine Line on Immigration Due to Texas “Emergency Sanctuary City Bill”

As the Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry has walked both sides of the immigration line, at one point implementing a Texas-style Dream Act that some say was the model for the national act. On the other hand, he’s authorized local police to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they come in contact with. continue reading »

Texas Gov. Perry’s Changing Stance on Immigration Could Hurt His Presidential Campaign

Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) image among Hispanics have changed in the last ten years. In 2001, he pushed for education for undocumented immigrants and their children, but in 2011, continue reading »

TEXAS Gov Perry Has 1170 Bills Awaiting his Signature or Veto by Sunday (VIDEO)

Texas Governor Perry flirts with a presidential bid as he has 1170 Bills sitting on his desk awaiting his response. Rick Perry has been very busy as he crisscrosses the country feeling out the waters for a presidential run. continue reading »