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Tag Results for "Rescued Chile Miners"

Chilean Official Says Operators Ignored Miner’s Warning Before Collapse

Rescued Miner Juan Illanes has said that operators refused his request to leave the mine three hours before the tragic collapse of August 5th. Illanes says he heard loud sounds and worried a collapse was possible. continue reading »

Miners Struggle with Traumatic Effects of their Nightmare

A mass that was planned for the miners today at the site of the mine has been cancelled. The mass was to be a mass of Thanksgiving for the miners and their families. Citing the psychological fragility of several of the miners, a return to the scene of the trauma was not deemed to be in their best interest at this time. continue reading »

Mistress, not Wife Welcomes Rescued Miner ( VIDEO)

Johnny Barrios Rojas rescue was perhaps one of the most anticipated of the 33, if only to see who would greet him. Barrios is known as the man who had two women waiting for him at Camp Hope. Marta Salinas has been his wife for 28 continue reading »

Miracle At The Mine- What is Next for the Miners (VIDEO)

With the last miner having been rescued, the 33 miners are preparing for the next phase of their lives. In less than 24 hours all the miners had made it to the surface looking healthy and in great spirits. The miners were all extremely grateful to those who had helped rescue them. continue reading »