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Tag Results for "Rep. Gutierrez"

Rep. Gutierrez To Introduce Junk Gun Legislation to Curb Gun Violence

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) will introduce legislation to curb the sale and trafficking of junk guns, the cheap handguns, sometimes known as "Saturday Night Specials" responsible for a huge percentage of the deaths and injuries in Chicago and around the nation continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez and Sen. Durbin Meet In Chicago With Community Leaders on Immigration Reform

Today, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) participated in a community forum in Chicago hosted by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) at the Instituto del Progreso Latino, in the Congressman's district. The forum brought together leaders from a cross section of Chicago-area constituencies to update them and discuss progress being made in the House and Senate towards comprehensive immigration reform. continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez: On Immigration “The President is the Quarterback”

Immigrants need action now and immigration reform cannot wait. We have a unique opportunity to finally put our government on the side of hard-working immigrants. We all need to work together -- the President and Congress, Republicans and Democrats -- to get something done right away. continue reading »

Hundreds of DREAMers Expected at Benito Juarez High School At Event Hosted By Rep. Luis Gutierrez

Deferred Action Workshop Tuesday (8/21) at 4:00 p.m. CT For Pre-Registered Invitees Continues Effort to Satisfy Overwhelming Demand for Deportation Relief and Recruit Volunteers continue reading »

Re-introducing the DREAM ACT- Sen Durbin and Rep. Gutierrez standing together LIVE FEED

The DREAM Act would allow a select group of immigrant students with great potential to contribute more fully to America. These young people were brought to the U.S. as children and should not be punished for their parents’ mistakes. The DREAM Act would give these students a chance to earn legal status if they: Came to the U.S. as children (15 or under) Are long-term U.S. residents (continuous physical presence for at least five years) Have good moral character Graduate from high school or obtain a GED Complete two years of college or military service in good standing The DREAM Act would benefit the U.S. Armed Forces. Tens of thousands of highly-qualified, well-educated young people would enlist in the Armed Forces if the DREAM Act becomes law. The Defense Department’s FY 2010-12 Strategic Plan includes the DREAM Act as a means to help “shape and maintain a mission-ready All Volunteer Force.” Defense Secretary Gates, who supports the DREAM Act, says it “will result in improved recruitment results and attendant gains in unit manning and military performance.” General Colin Powell has also endorsed the DREAM Act, saying, “Immigration is what’s keeping this country’s lifeblood moving forward.” The DREAM Act would stimulate the American economy. A UCLA study concluded that DREAM Act participants could contribute $1.4-$3.6 trillion to the U.S. economy during their working lives. New York City Mayor Michael continue reading »