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Tag Results for "Rehab"

Merengue Star Elvis Crespo Seeks Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Puerto Rican merengue star Elvis Crespo will soon check into a rehab center to treat his alcoholism following an incident this week related to his drinking problem. continue reading »

Demi Lovato Tells “Billboard” Who her Real BFF’s Are

Demi Lovato told “Billboard” about two special friends that stood by there through her darkest moments, as she went through treatment. continue reading »

Charlie Sheen Rescues Ex From Xtreme Rehab in Mexico

The master winner and king of altruism went south of the border in his private jet to pick Brooke Mueller up and bring her to safety! continue reading »

WATCH Demi Lovato’s Interview on 20/20

In last night's interview on ABC’s 20/20, Sonny With a Chance star Demi Lovato opened up about her leaving the show, her time in rehab and her struggle with bipolar disorder. continue reading »

Demi Lovato Says No More “Sonny With A Chance” for Me (VIDEO)

The young star has confirmed she’ll leave the show to focus on her health, recovery and her career as a singer. continue reading »

Expertos Afirman Que no Hay Una Cura Fácil Para la Resaca

Las resacas no son poco comunes en esta temporada de alegría y frecuentes fiestas. Y aunque las curas populares abundan, las únicas cosas que de verdad ayudan a curar el sufrimiento de una resaca a la mañana siguiente son el tiempo y reponer los líquidos, aseguran los expertos. continue reading »