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Tag Results for "Reform"

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The RNC on Immigration Reform

The Republican National Committee took two steps forward last week when they passed a resolution calling on Congress to get immigration reform done by year’s end, but took one step back by suggesting Congress offer legal status, but no path to citizenship for the currently undocumented population continue reading »

Department of Justice Helps Reform Mexican Justice System

Recently the Phase I training of Project Diamante in Mexico City was completed. Project Diamante is a comprehensive, capacity-building effort developed by professionals of the Department of Justice to reform and modernize Mexico’s criminal justice system. continue reading »

Mexican Students Lead Protest Against Political System On The Streets And On the Web

Thousands of university students took to the streets of cities across Mexico to protest against the manipulation of the political system by the media and politicians, saying that they will no longer keep quiet about the situation in the country. continue reading »