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Tag Results for "Rahm Emanuel"

Il St Supreme Ct Decision–Rahm’s Name to be on Chicago Mayoral Ballot Pending Resolution

The Illinois State Supreme Court issued a stay of the Appellate Court Order banning Rahm Emanuel’s name from the Chicago Mayoral Ballot. continue reading »

Emanuel Vows to Get Back on Ballot

An Appellate Court Panel ruled Rahm Emanuel’s name must be removed from the Chicago mayoral ballot in Monday's split decision. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Appellate Court Orders Rahm Emanuel’s Name Removed from Chicago Mayoral Ballot

UPDATE: SEE Tuesday Jan 25th Story-Il St Supreme Ct Decision–Rahm’s Name to be on Chicago Mayoral Ballot Pending Resolution “We order that the candidates name be excluded (or if necessary, removed) from the ballot from Chicago’s February 22 mayoral election,” said Appellate Judge Thomas Hoffman. continue reading »

Bill Clinton in Chicago Tuesday to Campaign for Emanuel

Former President Bill Clinton will be in Chicago today to campaign for mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel. Clinton is scheduled to appear with Emanuel at the Chicago Cultural Center Tuesday morning. continue reading »

Rahm Calls Scholarship Program “Chicago DREAM Act”, Critics Cry Pandering (VIDEO)

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been strongly criticized for his lack of support of the DREAM Act when he was in Washington. Now that Rahm is running for the job as Chicago’s mayor, he is out to change that perception. continue reading »

Gutierrez Expected to By-pass Emanuel and Endorse Gery Chico For Chicago Mayor

The Chicago News Cooperative is reporting that Rep Luis Gutierrez ( D-Il) is expected to throw his support to Gery Chico for Chicago’s upcoming mayoral election. continue reading »

Del Valle or Braun to Recieve Chicago Teacher Union’s Endorsement for Chicago Mayor

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has made the decision to endorse only one of two candidates in Chicago mayoral race. The endorsement will go to either former U.S. Carol Moseley Braun or City Clerk Miguel del Valle. continue reading »

Rahm has Plans for the CPS if he is Elected Mayor, Beginning with Transparency

Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel has proposed even further cuts in the CPS budget after the systems inspector questioned more than $800,000 in spending under the last two board presidents. continue reading »

Will Chicago’s Bill Daley be Obama’s new Chief of Staff?

Though no final decisions have been made, William Daley, former Commerce Secretary and brother to Mayor Richard Daley is considered to be top on the list for the Presidents Chief of Staff position. continue reading »

Chicago Judge Rules Rahm Emanuel Stays on Mayoral Ballot, Affirming Election Commission Decision

This afternoon Cook County Judge, Mark Ballard, ruled that Rahmn Emanuel should stay on the February mayoral ballot, reaffirming the Chicago Board of Election decision to keep him on the ballot. continue reading »

Mayoral Candidate Gery Chico has Raised 2.5 Million for Race

Mayoral Candidate Gery Chico has released his fundraising totals weeks before the required January 20th date. Clearly an effort to show himself as a strong contender against Rahm Emanuel the current front-runner. continue reading »

Chico Picks Up Chicago’s Latino Cops’ Endorsement

Mayoral hopeful, Gery Chico picked up an endorsement this week from yhr Latin American Police Association (LAPA) and the Mexican American Police Organization (MAPO). continue reading »

It is Unanimous- Rahm to remain on Ballot for Feb 22 Chicago Mayoral Election

The Chicago Election Board has just voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of the hearing official and allow Rahm Emmanuel to remain on the Chicago Ballot for Mayor. A Chicago Election Board Hearing Official had recommended earlier this morning that Rahm Emanuel be allowed to stay on the ballot in the upcoming February 22 Chicago Mayoral election. continue reading »

Rahm and that Pesky Residency Question, Chicago Board of Elections to Meet this Week

To run for mayor, a candidate must be a Chicago resident for at least one year before the Feb. 22, 2011, election. Generally, if a candidate leaves the state for work yet retains ownership of a city property, continue reading »

Emanuel May Not Send His Children to Chicago Public Schools if Elected

As the race for Chicago’s next mayor heats up, Rahm Emanuel has found himself in the middle of yet another controversy. Tuesday, Emanuel said he would not commit to sending his three children to Chicago Public schools if he is elected, continue reading »

Your Guide to Chicago’s 2011 Mayoral Candidates

With the field now set for the upcoming February 2011 Chicago mayoral election, it’s time to recap the candidates and make some predictions. At first glance, I was surprised that for the first time ever, there isn’t a single viable White, non-Jewish candidate on the ballot. We seem to be headed into uncharted waters. The field is split between two factions – pro-Machine Democrats continue reading »

Rahm Emanuel Visits Little Village Chamber of Commerce

Knowing the importance of neighborhood communities, Rahm visited Little Village in South Lawndale last week to meet with the Chamber of Commerce. He joined the Chamber at Davila’s Restaurant to discuss the community’s needs. continue reading »

Rahm Emanuel Nearly Egged in Little Village

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s front-runner, yet undeclared Mayoral candidate was in Little Village Yesterday. Emanuel was there to talk to a community group about what is needed to create jobs and was leaving the event. continue reading »

Is this the ‘Day of the Dead’ for the Democratic Party?

As many Latino households prepare their home altars in homage to El Dia de los Muertos also known as Day of the Dead, we are left to wonder if tomorrow will actually be the Day of the Dead for the Democratic Party. continue reading »

Chicago Latino Educational Leader Juan Rangel Endorses Emanuel By Passing Gery Chico

One of the most influential and prominent Chicago Hispanic's, Juan Rangel, is not only endorsing Rahmn Emanuel for Mayor he is signing up to be his campaign co-chair bypassing the leading Hispanic mayoral candidate, Gery Chico. continue reading »