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Tag Results for "Racial Profiling"

Hispanic Hate:  Hispanics Flee Connecticut Town due to Police Profiling and Abuse

The U.S. Justice Department continues to investigate alleged police abuse against Hispanics in the Connecticut town of East Haven. There have been multiple reports of Hispanics being harassed during traffic stops, falsely arrested and of even being physically abused while in police custody. continue reading »

All Eyes on Arizona as it Implements New Immigration Law

As Arizona’s controversial immigration law takes effect next month, organizations like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) say they will be keeping an eye out for any sort of mistreatment or racial profiling of immigrants questioned by police, and will not hesitate to immediately sue if it occurs. continue reading »

The Consulate General of Mexico clarifies the program “Safe Communities” (BILINGUAL)

In response to concerns from members of the Mexican community in several counties, in relation to the nature and scope of the program called "Safe Communities", the Consulate General of Mexico reported that: continue reading »

Immigrant Jail Check Program May Be Extended In LA County

Los Angeles County is considering the extension of a program that checks the immigration status of inmates and sends the information to federal authorities. The country’s largest sheriff’s department and U.S. Immigration continue reading »