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Tag Results for "Racial Profiling"

Federal Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of U.S. Latino Citizen Arrested on False Immigration Charges

ACLU has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Angelica Davila, a U.S. citizen who was born in Mexico and legally immigrated to this country at the age of 2 with her parents. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact of Stop and Frisk

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is conducting stops and frisks in record numbers, 2011 saw roughly 685,000 and even more are expected to be performed in 2012. Often targeting Blacks and Latinos, it is obvious that racial profiling is occurring on New York streets. continue reading »

Organization Urges NC Sheriff’s Office to Negotiate with DOJ After Discrimination Allegations

A immigrant-advocacy group that has denounced racial profiling of Hispanics by a North Carolina sheriff's office urged local authorities to reconsider their refusal to negotiate with the Justice Department, which issued a report confirming the allegations and threatening a lawsuit. continue reading »

Arizona Latinos Experiencing Racial Profiling With “Show Me Your Papers” in Effect

Members of the Hispanic community in southern Arizona say they have experienced racial profiling by the police after the entry into force of the "show me your papers" provision of the state's harsh immigration law. continue reading »

TSA is Racially Profiling, but Not to Find Those Previously Thought

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has long faced accusations that their agents at the gate racial profile travelers. However, claims of racial profiling have changed a bit. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  George Zimmerman’s Wife has Been Arrested, Charged with Perjury

Today George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman was arrested and charged with perjury in the case involving her husband in the shooting death of African-American teen-ager Trayvon Martin on February 26th. continue reading »

A Guide to Racial Profiling

This week the Department of Justice sued Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona for his refusal to cooperate with their investigation into his historic racial profiling and violations of civil rights. continue reading »

Stop Racial Profiling: It is Too Costly to Our Families, Our Communities, and Our Country

The National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights (NCIWR), which the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) co-lead, applauds Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights for yesterday’s hearing on racial profiling. continue reading »

Precious Star Mo’Nique’s Legal Battles Evokes ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Profiling

Don’t mess with Mo’Nique when she’s pissed and her landlords are learning just that. Now you ask how does a real estate tiff involve a ‘illegal immigrant’. continue reading »

Louisiana Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Hispanics with “Shoot Some Mexicans” Rhetoric

Mark Gautreau, 50, pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in New Orleans for shooting two men in St. Charles Parish, La., on Aug. 20, 2006, announced the Department of Justice. continue reading »

Residents in Tennessee Town Feel Intimidated by Immigration Officials

Residents of Shelbyville, TN describe a continuing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) presence in their community, after a weekend raid that struck fear in the hearts of community activists--the same people who just days before, continue reading »

Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement on the Rise in US Since 9/11 (VIDEO)

Several federal initiatives — such as 287(g) and Secure Communities, which give local and state police authority to enforce federal immigration law — have intensified racial profiling of migrants and people assumed to be migrants. Laws similar to Arizona’s SB1070, which would require Arizona residents to carry ID documents to prove their immigration status — and which lead to increased discrimination — are being passed in states around the country. continue reading »

Racial Profiling Laws Yield Data but Few Changes

Eight years ago, Illinois began requiring police departments, including the state police force, to keep track of traffic stops to see whether their officers practiced racial profiling—stopping black or Hispanic motorists more often than whites because of their skin color. continue reading »

Racial Profiling is Alleged to Be Happening at a U.S. Airport Targeting Hispanic Passengers

An internal federal report has just concluded that TSA officers and their managers working security at the Newark International Airport were acting like “Mexican hunters” targeting Hispanic flyers for extra security screenings. continue reading »

Wi Rep Introduces Arizona Style Immigration Bill

A Wisconsin state Republican legislator has introduced a bill that would mirror some of the tough enforcement measures of Arizona's controversial Immigration bill. continue reading »

Shooting of Mexican-Americans Believed to Have Been Fueled by Anti-Immigrant Feelings

A father and son were shot in Hudspeth County, just east of El Paso County in Texas, when they allege a rancher shot them, believing they were undocumented immigrants trespassing on his land. continue reading »

Immigration Law: Florida Passes SB 2040. A Racial Profiling Bill

Florida SB 2040 Passes in Florida. In a surprise move, Senate votes on immigration bill. Without debate, the Florida Senate unexpectedly voted Wednesday morning 23-16 to approve SB 2040, a controversial immigration crackdown bill. continue reading »

National GOP Group and Latino Caucus United Against Anti-Immigrant Bills

Somos Republicans, America’s largest Hispanic Republican organization, has joined forces with the Nebraska Democratic Latino Caucus in opposition to an Arizona-style enforcement bill for Nebraska continue reading »

Effort to Defeat Anti-Immigrant Bill 287(g) in Iowa

There are two proposed laws pending in the Iowa legislature, to give police power to enforce immigration laws in every Iowa County, allow any public employee to share information with ICE, continue reading »

Raleigh Police Try to Diffuse Email Rumor that “Gangs from Mexico’ are robbing Walmarts

Raleigh, North Carolina police have been working all week to calm fear amongst residents that ‘gangs from Mexico’ were robbing local Walmart shoppers at gun point. continue reading »