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Tag Results for "Protests"

Highway Linking Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero Blocked by Brazilian Protestors

About 500 protesters on Tuesday blocked the Dutra highway, the main route between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's two largest cities, in another demonstration linked to the wave of protests sweeping the South American giant. continue reading »

Anti-austerity Protest in Spain Draws Thousands

Thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in this capital and other Spanish cities against austerity measures implemented by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government. In the Spanish capital, four columns of protesters made their way from different points of the metropolis to the downtown Fountain of Neptune. continue reading »

2 Die, 21 Injured during Riot at Marketplace Between Police, Criminals and Vendors in Peru

Two people were killed Saturday during a new police intervention in a Lima marketplace, where last Thursday clashes between police, criminals and wholesalers left another two people dead, the director of the Dos de Mayo Hospital, Jose Roca, said. continue reading »

Homeless Families in Spain Squatting After Eviction

Protest groups in Spain have helped families that were kicked out of their homes by banks find shelter in repossessed, empty apartment buildings. Police moved in quickly in most cases, but in Seville about 30 families are going on six months of illegal occupation. continue reading »

Colombian Police Arrest 71 After “Day of Dignity” Protests

Colombian "indignados" took to the streets of the nation's biggest cities during their "Day of Dignity" protest against the country's social inequality, during which 71 people were arrested in the capital for disturbing the peace. continue reading »

Hundreds of Thousands of Colombians Protest Inequality Across Country

Colombian counterparts of Spain's "indignados" took to the streets of the Andean nation's major cities on Friday to protest inequality. The "Day of Dignity" events in Bogota included students participating in an apprenticeship program and judicial employees, who walked off the job Thursday to demand the government comply with a 20-year-old mandate to standardize their pay. continue reading »

Honduran Teachers Surround Education Ministry in Protest

A group of teachers surrounded the Honduran education ministry on Thursday in response to a government threat to punish them if they mount protests in schools. continue reading »

Army Colonel, 8 Soldiers Charged For Deaths of Protesters in Guatemala

An army colonel and eight troops were arrested Thursday for the deaths of as many as eight protesters during a confrontation last week, Guatemala's attorney general said. continue reading »

Opposition Calls For Justice Against Government’s Role in Protesters’ Deaths

A Guatemalan opposition party filed a formal criminal complaint Tuesday against President Otto Perez Molina and other top officials for the deaths of eight protesters at the hands of the army. continue reading »

Government Admits Soldiers Fired on Guatemalans Protesting Constitutional Changes

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina acknowledged Friday that army troops fired their weapons during a confrontation with protesters in the western province of Totonicapan, an incident resulting in the deaths of six peasants. continue reading »

Protests in Guatemala Leave 4 Dead, 20 Injured

Four people were killed and more than 20 others wounded Thursday in confrontation between protesters and security forces in the western Guatemalan province of Solola, authorities said. continue reading »

“Yo Soy 132” Student Movement Protests Calderon Government in Mexico

Hundreds of people demonstrated outside Mexico's Congress Saturday against President Felipe Calderon, a protest coinciding with the presentation of his final state-of-the-nation report. continue reading »

“Yo Soy 132” Student Movement Plans to Protest Calderon’s Final Policies in Mexico

Mexico's "Yo soy 132" student movement plans to stage a march later this week to protest the policies implemented by President Felipe Calderon, who will submit his final state of the nation report to Congress. continue reading »

Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas Released After Being Detained 4 Times in A Week

Prominent Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas was released Saturday after almost 48 hours in custody, he told Efe in a telephone call. continue reading »

Organization Protests Carlos Slim at New York’s Saks’ Fifth Avenue

A group of activists demonstrated in New York against Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, who is accused of using his dominant position in Mexico's telecommunications market to impose exorbitant rates. continue reading »

Thousands Protest Last Week’s Election Results in Mexico

Thousands of people took part in a march in Mexico City to protest against Enrique Peña Nieto, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, who was declared the winner of last week's presidential election. continue reading »

Students Demand Free Education, Protest For-profit Schools in Chile

Thousands of college and high school students took to the streets of Chile's capital on Thursday to protest the existence of schools run as for-profit enterprises and renew demands for free, quality public education. continue reading »

Mexican Students Lead Protest Against Political System On The Streets And On the Web

Thousands of university students took to the streets of cities across Mexico to protest against the manipulation of the political system by the media and politicians, saying that they will no longer keep quiet about the situation in the country. continue reading »

Hundreds come to protest Alabama Immigration Law

This past Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered in the courtyard of the Alabama Statehouse to protest against the state's immigration law, which is among the toughest in the nation. continue reading »

Camila Vallejo, the Face of Chile’s Student Revolution (VIDEO)

In only 2 months, the 23 year-old leader of the student protests in Chile has received countless death threats while keeping Chile’s government in check. continue reading »