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Tag Results for "Protest"

Controversial Bills that Sparked Protests in Panama Are Withdrawn

President Ricardo Martinelli announced Tuesday that he is withdrawing two controversial bills that spurred disturbances in Panama's National Assembly and protests on the streets. continue reading »

Clash Between Protestors and Police Leave 3 Dead, 8 Wounded

Three people were killed and eight others hurt in clashes between police and protesters in the northern Dominican town of Salcedo, authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Brazil’s Indians Occupy Health Ministry Protesting Poor Health Care

About 100 Indians of various ethnicities on Tuesday occupied Brazil's Health Ministry in this capital, while other groups blocked highways in the southern part of the country to demand that the authorities provide better health care for their people. continue reading »

Partial Veto of Land-Use Bill Not Enough, Greenpeace Protests in Brazil

The environmental organization Greenpeace blocked a freighter from being loaded with iron in the port of Sao Luis in the northern Brazilian state of Maranhao in protest against the partial veto by President Dilma Rousseff of a widely criticized land-use bill. continue reading »

Bolivian Government Agrees To Suspend Decree, Ending Doctors’ Strike

The Bolivian government signed an accord Saturday with the Medical Association to end a strike in the sector that has gone on for 53 days in protest against a decree, not yet applied, that would lengthen the work day from six to eight hours. continue reading »

Protest Held in Mexico by Mothers of “Disappeared”

Hundreds of mothers and other relatives of the "disappeared" held a protest in this capital on Thursday - Mother's Day in Mexico - to demand justice. continue reading »

Government Silence Prompts New Wave of Protests in Chile (VIDEO)

Close to 400 students were arrested yesterday when the peaceful pot-banging protests turned to looting, arson and violence. continue reading »

Thousands March in Mexico to Protest Drug Violence (VIDEO)

Several cities across Mexico are holding marches, after thugs assassinated seven people, one of which was the son of poet Javier Sicilia. continue reading »

Naked Bicycle Protest in Peru (VIDEO)

Citizen's of Lima, rode their bikes in the nude to protest against road rage, and lack of security in the streets. continue reading »