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Tag Results for "Protest"

200,000 Mexicans Protested the Mexican Drug War in 2011

Today in Latin American history, 200,000 Mexicans protested the 38,000 who have died during the Mexican Drug War in 2011. Mexicans in at least 25 of the country’s 31 states protested to “stop the war, for a just and peaceful Mexico." continue reading »

Brazilian Police Killed High School Student Protesting for Cheaper Student Meals in 1968

Today in Latin American history, Brazilian high school student Edson Luís de Lima Souto was shot by the police in a protest for cheaper meals at a restaurant for low-income students in 1968. continue reading »

Top Photos From Steve King’s Anti-Amnesty Rally

U.S. Representative of Iowa Steve King hosted an anti-amnesty rally on the east lawn of the Capitol building in Washington yesterday. An opponent of immigration reform, the Iowan representative has been very vocal during the continuing immigration debate. continue reading »

Brazilians Protest on Eve of Soccer Tourney

Social movements launched protests here Friday as Brazil readied for the start of the Confederations Cup soccer tournament. continue reading »

Ex-Dictator’s Overturned Conviction Leads to Large Protests in Guatemala

Thousands marched in this capital on Friday to protest the Guatemalan Constitutional Court's overturning of former dictator Efrain Rios Montt's conviction for genocide and crimes against humanity. continue reading »

72 Percent of Spanish Teachers Go On Strike

The State Platform for Public Schools on Thursday labeled the general strike staged at all levels of the educational system in Spain "a total success," while officials said a low number of educators and students took part. continue reading »

Canadian Mining Companies Under Fire in Latin America

Canadian mining and oil companies have rapidly expanded their investments in Latin America in recent years, but they also face serious allegations of human rights abuses as well as legal disputes with regional governments over their labor, social and environmental practices. continue reading »

Dominicans Protest Against Canadian Miner Barrick Gold

Dozens of people marched Thursday in the northern Dominican city of Santiago against Canadian miner Barrick Gold, which is developing the massive Pueblo Viejo gold mine in the Caribbean nation. continue reading »

Tens of Thousands Demand Immigration Reform in Washington

Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered before the Capitol here on Wednesday under a hot sun to demand comprehensive immigration reform that opens a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. continue reading »

Chilean Miners Protest Co-worker’s Death, Halting Production

A group of workers have barred access to Chilean state copper giant Codelco's Radomiro Tomic mine to protest a machinist's death five days ago, an incident the company says was "accidental." continue reading »

Immigration Activists Arrested For Protesting in Chicago

A score of activists were arrested Friday in downtown Chicago during an act of civil disobedience to demand a voice in the negotiations on immigration reform now taking place behind closed doors in Washington. continue reading »

Parental Custody Battle Leads to Major Protest in Spain

Hundreds of residents in Alboraya, a city in eastern Spain, took to the streets Sunday to prevent the Civil Guard from executing a court order to hand over a Spanish woman's three children to their Mexican father. continue reading »

Union Protestors Disrupt Traffic at Argentine Labor Ministry

The head of the Argentine truckers union, Hugo Moyano, a former ally of the government and currently one of its main opponents, on Tuesday brought several trucks to the doors of the Labor Ministry to protest a decision by that department against his union. continue reading »

100 Injured, 92 Arrested During Inauguration Protests in Mexico

Around 100 people were injured and nearly 100 others arrested in clashes between police and protesters angry over the inauguration of new President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City, officials said. continue reading »

Mexicans Protest Final Hours of Calderon’s Term with Embroidered Scarves

Activists will display hundreds of scarves embroidered with blood-colored thread at a memorial here this weekend, a protest that calls attention to the tens of thousands of drug-related deaths during departing Mexican President Felipe Calderon's six-year term. continue reading »

Mexican Teachers Union Threaten Indefinite Strike in Oaxaca

A section of the SNTE teachers union threatened to call an indefinite strike in all the schools of the southern state of Oaxaca if the regional government does not return to them the centers that it awarded six years ago to another local of the same union. continue reading »

Brazil’s Awá Tribe Blockades Railway in Protest

A protest involving Earth’s most threatened tribe, the Awá, has forced the world’s largest iron ore mine to suspend operations along its main railway line. continue reading »

Mexican Students Protest Labor Law, Seize 33 Vehicles Including Coca-Cola Truck

Students in the western state of Michoacan seized 15 buses and 18 delivery trucks belonging to firms such as Coca-Cola and baking giant Bimbo as part of protests against a proposed overhaul of Mexican labor law. continue reading »

Hundreds of Undocumented Immigrants Protest Loss of Free Health Care in Spain

Hundreds of people protested in downtown Madrid Saturday against a measure that will leave undocumented immigrants without access to free health care, saying the decision by Spain's governing Popular Party amounts to "health apartheid." continue reading »

5 Deaths Linked to Gold Mining Protests in Peru

A man wounded two days ago during protests against a massive mining project in northwestern Peru died Thursday, bringing the death toll from the disturbances to five. continue reading »