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Tag Results for "Presidential Race 2012"

WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on Herman Cain’s Picturesque Quips (VIDEO)

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert poked some fun at Republican Candidate Herman Cain’s “joke” about putting an electrified fence on the border. continue reading »

Texas Gov. Perry’s Changing Stance on Immigration Could Hurt His Presidential Campaign

Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) image among Hispanics have changed in the last ten years. In 2001, he pushed for education for undocumented immigrants and their children, but in 2011, continue reading »

Donald Trump’s Comments About Canal Make him “Persona Non Grata” in Panama

According to Panamanian officials, Trump told CNN that the United States had "stupidly" handed over the Panama Canal to the country "in exchange for nothing." continue reading »