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Tag Results for "President Hugo Chavez"

Shocker:  Hugo Chavez Battling Cancer with No Indication When He Will Return to Venezuela

Everyone knew something was wrong with Hugo Chavez. From his extended travels to Cuba for ‘health reasons’, to going radio silence on Twitter and state TV to the recent cancellation of the Latin American summit. continue reading »

Secretary Clinton Trying to Warm Hugo Chavez’ Heart with ‘Sports Diplomacy’

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that Greivis Vasquez, a player on the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies continue reading »

President Chavez Raises Tariffs at Venezuela Ports

According to an official statement form the government, on June 24, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will increase the country’s port tariffs. Tariffs at certain ports will rise as much as 250 percent. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez New Enemy of the State:  Fake Boobs (VIDEO)

With little good economic news in Venezuela you would think that the fact that Venezuela is the world’s leading market for breast augmentation would please President Hugo Chavez. continue reading »

JUST IN:  European Sources Say Colonel Gaddafi has Fled Libya En Route to Venezuela

Well placed European sources and intelligence ministers are reporting that Colonel Gaddafi may have already fled his native Libya and is en route to Venezuela. continue reading »

Venezuelan Students on Hunger Strike Want Human Rights Conditions Evaluated in Country

Twenty-six university students from Venezuela are continuing their hunger strike in hopes of pressuring President Hugo Chavez to allow human rights representatives to evaluate conditions in the country. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Cuts Off Foreign Funding to Venezuela’s Organizations

A sheepish Venezuelan congress shepherded by President Hugo Chavez and his cronies passed a new law banning foreign funding for political parties and non-government organizations (NGO’s), this, in addition to a series of measures that opposing parties say, aim to smother dissidents, by limiting or cutting their financing. continue reading »

UPDATE:  Chavez Blames Country’s Flooding and Deaths on Capitalism

The death toll from torrential rains and mudslides in Venezuela has risen to 32 people dead and 70,000 homeless. In an angry rhetorical, President Hugo Chavez blamed the devastation on "criminal" capitalism and the "arrogance" of rich nations. continue reading »

Russia and Venezuela Becoming Best Amigos

Venezuela continues to strengthen its ties to Russia with plans for Russia to build Venezuela’s first nuclear power plant including a research reactor while taking delivery of some 35 military tanks from Russia. continue reading »

Chavez Agrees with China in Dissing Nobel Peace Prize given to Chinese Dissident

The Chinese government has found an ally in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in agreeing that jailed dissident, Liu Xiaobo, should not have received the Nobel Prize for Peace. continue reading »

Venezuelans Vote in Parliamentary Election Today as Chavez Promises a new Fridge

The opposition party –Table for Democratic Unity- are looking to gain some benches in today Venezuelans elections. Polls indicate that the opposition party will take back some of the seats lost when many voters boycotted the 2005 elections. Sunday’s election is seen as an indicator of Chavez’s popularity two years before the presidential elections. continue reading »

“We are Soldiers in Battle…This is the Final Offensive” calls Venezuelan President

Chavez called upon his supporters to see next Sunday’s legislative election as a battle, a battle to ensure control with 2/3 of the assembly seats. Chavez needs at least 110 of the 165 benches in the National Assembly for important legislation that will “reform the state”. continue reading »

Chavez Introduces Food Card

Chavez introduces “Good Life Card” as a tool to make shopping for food easier but critics fear it could easily become a tool to control the population. Some fear it could be used to limit the citizen’s purchases in order to address the problem of inadequate supply levels. continue reading »