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Tag Results for "President Felipe Calderon"

Mexico Sets ‘Digital’ As Its New Radio Standard

Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, presented the progress of Agenda Broadcasting at the official residence of Los Pinos, where he announced that the Federal Communications Commission issued an agreement to make the transition to digital radio . continue reading »

Harvard Alum and President of Mexico Felipe Calderon to Give Commencement Speech at Stanford

Stanford University’s 2011 graduating class will be hearing Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon on its 120th Commencement day, June 12th. continue reading »

Mexican President Felipe Calderon Concludes Successful U.S. Visit

President of Mexico Felipe Calderon completed a successful trip to the United States this week that focused on environmental sustainability in Mexico and the importance of bilateral relations with the United States. continue reading »

Mexico Approves New Laws Protecting Migrants in Light of Mass Graves & Killings

The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico approved unanimously late last week, a new law that recognizes and protects the human rights of migrants, both for the countrymen and for foreigners, continue reading »

President Calderon Sends Initiatives to Congress to Battle Impunity

The President's Office reports that the President of the United Mexican States, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, sent to Congress two initiatives in the framework of the National Security Strategy, continue reading »

Former Mexican President Fox: Drug Legalization Will End ‘Bloody’ Drug Wars

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is once again advocating for a different approach to the raging drug cartel wars in his country: legalize drugs in the U.S. and Mexico. continue reading »

Mexican President Felipe Calderon Honors Tenor Placido Domingo

Mexican President Felipe Calderón and his wife, Margarita Zavala hosted a dinner in honor of tenor Plácido Domingo at at Mexico City hotel after the event: Mexico Celebrates Plácido Domingo, in concert. continue reading »

Mexico Offers Income Tax Deduction for School Fees

Mexican President Felipe Calderón has signed a decree permitting income tax deductions for school fees. This measure is designed to help Mexican families continue reading »

WikiLeaks Fallout:  U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Forced to Resign

The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, stepped down late last night amid open criticism and pressure from Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Calderon has not been timid in his displeasure of Pascual’s comments, that came to light through WikiLeaks, about his administration. continue reading »

Mexico’s President Calderon to Visit Here Next Week, Fifth Time Since Obama Took Office

When you are mad at your neighborhood or best friend, what is the best way to deal with the issues? Have a face-to-face meeting of course and that is what Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Per WikiLeaks President Felipe Calderon Medical Records in Narcos Hands

The website Wikileaks released a diplomatic cable from the U.S., where it is revealed that the medical records of President Felipe Calderon was given to a group of drug traffickers. continue reading »

According to Mexico, Money Laundering Business Reaches $10 Billion Mark in 2010

Mexico Attorney General’s, in preparation for the International Seminar on Corruption and Money Laundering, is reporting that money laundering in Mexico has reached $10 billion. continue reading »

Entire Police Force Quits After Colleagues are Decapitated, Others Missing Outside of Monterrey MX

The 14,500 towns people of General Teran have seen its share of trouble since it is located in a drug-smuggling route to the U.S. but what happened over the last couple of days appear to be the worse. continue reading »

Pres. Calderon Signs New Law in Mexico for Refugees and Ayslum Seekers

Wednesday, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon signed into law a measure to ensure those seeking refugee status and political asylum in Mexico are handled in accordance with international agreements. continue reading »

World Leaders and Great Thinkers Gather in Davos Including Large Mexico Contingency

The annual meeting of the world leaders, thinkers, CEO and basically anyone who’s important has started this week in Davos, Switzerland. continue reading »

2010 Saw 730,000 Jobs Created in Mexico According to President Calderon

Mexican President Felipe Calderon in his New Year message announced the 730,000 jobs were created in the country, the highest number in a decade. continue reading »

2010 Deadliest Year in Mexico

Since Mexican President Felipe Calderon began in 2006 his offensive on the drug cartels that have long plagued the country, 2010 will go down as the deadliest year with 15,000 murders. continue reading »

Mexican Soldiers Implicated in Another Killing of Innocent Bystanders, This Time an American

In at least the third case this year, Mexican soldiers have been implicated in killing an innocent bystander; this time it was a 32-year old New York native. Joseph Proctor was living a quiet living in a beach town outside of Acapulco, when he was gunned down by a Mexican army patrol. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Leader of La Familia ‘El Chayo’ Killed – Cartel Sends Dire Warning

It had been reported that during the clashes in Michoacan, one of the leader of Familia Michoacana had been shot dead, authorities are now confirming that it was Nazario González Moreno, continue reading »

Mexico’s War on Cartels has Seized $10.9 Billion Worth of Drugs – Since 2006

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office is putting a dollar value on all the drugs seized in the country since President Felipe Calderon began his war on the drug cartels in 2006 and its staggering - $10.9 billion. continue reading »