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Tag Results for "President Alvaro Colom"

¡No Mas!  Guatemalan Court Blocks Recently Divorced First Lady from Running for Presidency

Apparently Guatemalan election officials saw and thought what most people of that country saw and thought of the First Lady’s pending divorce from the President –it’s a farce. continue reading »

Guatemala Extends its State of Siege, President Says “Drug Traffickers Have Us Cornered”

Guatemala’s President Alvaro Colom has announced that he is extending the country’s declared state of siege that is in effect in the provinces that border Mexico. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Drug Cartel Declares War on Guatemala, Accuses President Colom of Being on Their Payroll

Members of the drug cartel Los Zetas have threatened to launch a war against the armed forces and people of Guatemala if the government continues with the operations that began a week ago in the northern of the country. continue reading »

Guatemala Continues Its Crackdown on Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in Its Country

This weekend the Guatemala government captured nearly twenty-two alleged Los Zetas cartel members and confiscated their automatic weapons and small planes in a nationwide sweep. continue reading »

Deadly Mudslides in Guatemala

Guatemalan officials are reporting at least 38 dead as a result of torrential rains that have triggered landslides in the country. President Alvaro Colom has declared a national emergency in the country. continue reading »