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Tag Results for "President Alan Garcia"

Peru-Korea Free Trade Agreement Set to Take Effect in April

The bilateral free trade between Peru and South Korea is set to take effect in April, 2011 and is expected to expand trade between the countries five-fold through 2016. continue reading »

Peruvians are Bummers – That’s Why they Don’t Like Me Says their President

Peru’s President Alan Garcia has come up with an ingenious way to explain his rock bottom approval rating – his people are mopey, depressed and bummers. continue reading »

After 15 Years, US Citizen in Peru Granted Parole –Again

US citizen Lori Berenson is serving a 20- year prison sentence in Peru for aiding Marxist rebels, was granted parole for a second time. Berenson (40) was sentenced to life in prison after her capture in 1995 for being a member of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement. A civilian court later decreased the sentence to 20 years, Berenson denied the charges. continue reading »

Peru Demanding Yale University Return its Ancient Treasures

Peru's President Alan Garcia has asked Yale University to return the Inca artifacts found in Machu Picchu in the 1900's. More than 40,000 artifacts including pottery, jewelry and bones were found from this site in the Peruvian Andes and are currently in Yale's possession. continue reading »

Natural Resource Scarcity in Peru Leads to Protesting and Death

The conflict over natural resources continues to plague the very unpopular Peruvian President Alan Garcia, this time in the town of Espinar. Protesters clashed with police continue reading »