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Tag Results for "Pre Columbian Art"

Sotheby’s Controversial Pre-Columbian Auction Rakes in $12 Million

Sotheby's brought in more than 9 million euros ($11.7 million) on the first of two days of an auction of pre-Columbian art that Peru tried to block because of the suspected illicit origin of the pieces. continue reading »

Peru Calls on Sotheby’s to Halt Auction of Pre-Columbian Artifacts

The Peruvian government has taken another step to block the auction of a pre-Columbian art collection with a request to Sotheby's that it suspend the sale scheduled to begin Friday in Paris. continue reading »

Colombian Expert Luz Miriam Toro Recognized for Preservation of Pre-Columbian Art

Colombian expert Luz Miriam Toro's work to ensure that the value of pre-Columbian art from the Tumaco-Tolita culture is recognized throughout the world has earned her recognition from the Women Together (WT) organization that presented one of its annual awards to her on Tuesday. continue reading »