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Tag Results for "Poverty In Mexico"

Half the Families in Durango Lack Basic Necessities

Five families out of 10 in Durango, in northern Mexico, live in food poverty. Of the 203,000 families who do not have sufficient means to purchase basic necessities, partly because of the severe drought, 148,000 live in urban areas and 55,000 in rural areas. continue reading »

In Mexico 41 Children Disappear Every Day

In Mexico 41 children disappear every day. According to UNICEF, over the past 5 years over 75 000 children have gone missing, of whom about 20,000 are victims of traffickers. continue reading »

An Overview of Mexican Economy by Al Jazeera (VIDEO)

Check out Al Jazeera's overview on Mexico's economy. The report notes that despite a tough economic climate, Mexico has been weathering the storm thanks to the free trade agreement with the U.S. giving it access to the world's largest consumer market. continue reading »

Mexico Moves to Recognize Food as Constitutional Right

A United Nations expert today welcomed Mexico’s promulgation of a constitutional reform that recognizes the right to food in the country, and urged authorities to implement measures to give all Mexicans access to this human right. continue reading »

Pan American Games Teams up with Children International, a U.S. Charity, to Help Poor Children in MX

Children International, a U.S.-based humanitarian organization working in Mexico, has been named the Pan American Games' sole charity partner. "Sponsored children through Children International are leading the Pan Am Games as a symbol of identity to future generations of Mexicans continue reading »

Mexico Reports to UN on Its Millennium Development Goals

As part of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), President Felipe Calderón gave the General Administrator of the Program, Helen Clark, Mexico’s report on the progress achieved in the Millennium Development Goals. continue reading »

Poverty Rising in Mexico, Govt Blames Global Financial Crisis

Friday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s administration received word that despite an improving economy, just under half of the country’s population lives in poverty, and that number is rising. continue reading »

Nearly Half of Mexican Population Lives in Poverty

In a report released yesterday, the number of Mexicans living in poverty grew by 3 million in the past two years to 52 million people. This represents 46.2 percent of the population living below the poverty line. continue reading »

UN Expert Urges Mexican ‘State of Emergency’ to Battle Food Poverty and Obesity

A United Nations food expert has called for a “state of emergency” in Mexico to battle both food poverty and obesity, and suggested that changes to the country’s agricultural policies could tackle the two problems simultaneously. continue reading »

Mexican Mother Sells Newborn to American to Pay for Other Child’s Cancer Treatment

Morelos legal authorities are disclosing the arrest of a Mexican national, a midwife and a U.S. citizen for human trafficking a new born. continue reading »