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Tag Results for "Pope Benedict"

Pope’s Christmas Message to the World:  Lasting Peace

The Pope delivered his traditional Christmas Day message to the world urging for world peace especially in war-plagued areas of the globe like Somalia, Darfur and the Ivory Coast. continue reading »

Pope Benedict Arrives in Spain for Two Day Visit (VIDEO)

Today, Pope Benedict will begin a two-day apostolic journey, his second to Spain and his eighteenth outside Italy. continue reading »

Pope Reflects on Churches Role in Latin America

In separate meetings yesterday with new ambassadors from Colombia and El Salvador to the Holy See, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the role of the Catholic Church in Latin America, continue reading »

Catholic Identity of Brazil Challenged by Evangelicals Says Pope

Meeting on September 10 with a group of bishops from Brazil, Pope Benedict XVI said that the Catholic Church has always been a crucial part of the Brazilian identity. But that identity is now challenged, he said, by the rapid rise of Evangelical sects. continue reading »