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Tag Results for "Police"

The Carabineros de Chile were Created in 1927

Today in Latin American history, Carabineros de Chile, Chilean national police force and gendarmery, were created in 1927. The origins of the Carabiniers can be traced back to night watchmen such as the Dragones de la Reina (Queen's Dragoons) (created in 1758 and later renamed the Dragoons of Chile in 1812) and other organizations that fulfilled functions such as the watch and local policing. continue reading »

Suspected Drug Traffickers Kill 5 Police, 14 Civilians in Western Mexico

Five Federal Police officers and 14 other people died in attacks staged by suspected drug traffickers in the western Mexican states of Guerrero and Michoacan, a Federal Police spokesman told Efe. continue reading »

2 Killed in Egypt Clashes after Soccer-riot Sentences

At least two protesters were killed here Saturday and 70 others were injured in clashes involving fans of Cairo soccer club Al-Ahly and security forces, Egyptian authorities told Efe. continue reading »

Police Narrow in on ex-LAPD Officer Suspected of Killing Cops

Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles police officer being sought by police for murdering three people, opened fire Tuesday on sheriff's deputies pursuing him near Big Bear Lake, California, wounding two of them, media outlets said. continue reading »

FARC Says Willing to Free 3 Colombian Security Force Members

Colombia's FARC guerrilla group said Saturday they are willing to free two police captured on Jan. 25 and a soldier grabbed this week in the Andean nation's southwest. continue reading »

Death Toll of Riots Over Soccer Verdict Rises to 31 in Egypt

At least 31 people have died, most of them gunned down, in clashes between protesters and security forces around the prison in the Mediterranean city of Port Said, medical authorities told Efe on Saturday. continue reading »

20 Citizens, 2 Police Die During Riots Over Court Ruling in Egypt

At least 22 people - 20 civilians and two police - were killed Saturday in clashes in Egypt between police and supporters of a group of defendants who were sentenced to death for their role in soccer riots last year. continue reading »

Chicago Police Discover 350 Pounds of Cannabis Stuffed in Frozen Strawberries

Chicago Police arrested a 41-year-old south suburban man involved in a cannabis trafficking operation that included a rental truck filled with numerous buckets of frozen strawberries concealing cannabis. Officers discovered the buckets contained a total of 350 pounds of cannabis with an estimated street value of more than $853,000. continue reading »

Police Operation Kills 6 in Rio de Janeiro Slums

Brazilian police killed at least six suspected drug-gang members in two operations early Saturday in Rio de Janeiro slums. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact of Stop and Frisk

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is conducting stops and frisks in record numbers, 2011 saw roughly 685,000 and even more are expected to be performed in 2012. Often targeting Blacks and Latinos, it is obvious that racial profiling is occurring on New York streets. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Investigating Conspiracy Theory in Murder of Politician’s Son

The theory that an organized crime group and public officials may have conspired to kill the son of a prominent Mexican politician is gaining ground among investigators, the government of the northern state of Coahuila said. continue reading »

Colombian Police Shut Down Illegal Gold Mine

An illegal gold mine operating in a rural area in Huila, a province in southern Colombia, has been shut down, police said. A mobile unit of the Huila police force seized a pump and pans used by gold miners. continue reading »

Uruguay to Combat Violent Crime with $5 Million IDB Loan

A $5 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will help Uruguay deploy a program based on a comprehensive approach to reduce violent crime in its capital city, Montevideo. continue reading »

Police Arrest 140 at Student Protests in Chile

Protests by thousands of striking high school students demanding better public education resulted in at least 140 arrests, left 18 riot police injured and caused damage to public and private property, the government of the Santiago metropolitan region and Chile's Carabineros militarized police force said. continue reading »

Bolivian Border Town Receives Extra Security After Mob Kills Brazilians Accused of Murder

Soldiers and additional police have been deployed in the border town where two Brazilians accused of murdering three local residents were lynched earlier this week, the Bolivian government said Friday. continue reading »

Police Confiscate 3 Tons of Cocaine off of Coast of Spain

The Spanish National Police's Special Operations Group, or GEO, seized a ship carrying 3,000 kilos of high purity cocaine some 50 miles from the coast of the southern city of Cadiz, officials said Wednesday. continue reading »

Police, Protesters Clash at March for Underfunded Education System in Chile

A march in Santiago Wednesday by high school students demanding improvements to Chile's underfunded public education system ended with three buses set ablaze and dozens arrested. continue reading »

FARC Celebrate Colombia’s Independence By Attacking Police, Dynamiting Bridge

One police officer was killed and five others wounded Friday in an attack by leftist FARC rebels as Colombia celebrated 202 years of independence from Spain. continue reading »

Survey Shows 71 Percent of Mexicans Do Not Trust Local Police

Seventy-one percent of Mexicans do not trust their local police, which gives Mexico the worst showing of any nation among the five Latin American countries where the international GfK company conducts quarterly surveys. continue reading »

Airport Shooting in Mexico Began Over Drug Dispute

A June 25 shootout at Mexico City's capital's airport that left three police officers dead began with an argument among cops over a packet of cocaine, a leading Mexican newspaper said Friday. continue reading »