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Tag Results for "Pocho The Crocodile"

UPDATE: Pocho the Pet Croc To be Embalmed And Put on Display in Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Pocho, the domesticated Costa Rican crocodile will be immortalized and put on display in a museum in the village that cried upon hearing of his demise and prayed him onto the great beyond. continue reading »

Famous Costa Rican Crocodile “Pocho” Dies (VIDEO)

TThe 50 year old "Poncho" the Crocodile was tame and performed tricks and stunts for passersby, directed by fisherman Gilberto Shedden until he passed away on Tuesday. Costa Rican fisherman Gilberto Shedden, known as “Chito” lost his best friend this week: a 980 pound crocodile, almost 16 feet long. continue reading »