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Tag Results for "Peru Presidential Election"

Progress Can Kill – Peru’s New Government Warned

Peru’s new government will take office this week having received a stark warning of the imminent dangers faced by its country’s indigenous population.Survival has sent copies of two booklets entitled ‘Progress Can Kill’ and ‘There You Go!’ to President Ollanta Humala and key members of his cabinet. continue reading »

Peru Election Update: Ollanta Humala Continues to Lead and Is Apparent Winner

In a Presidential election race that has been too close to call for most of the day it now appears that leftwing candidate Ollanta Humala has won. continue reading »

Peru Election 2011: Democracy’s Faustian Choices

Sunday’s election is where the red-hot issues of race, gender, age, imprisonment, insurrection, poverty and economic boom will be shaken in a volatile political cocktail. continue reading »

Very Large Number of Peruvians Living Abroad Voted in Presidential Election

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reporting a large number of Peruvians living outside of the country voted in this most recent Presidential election. continue reading »