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Tag Results for "Peru News"

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru No Longer ‘Catholic’ Vatican Says

After 22 years of conflict between the Vatican and university officials, the Catholic Church has ruled that the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru can no longer call themselves ‘Catholic’ or ‘Pontifical.’ continue reading »

Joran Van Der Sloot to Marry in Peruvian Prison

Just two years into his 28-year murder conviction, Joran Van der Sloot is set to marry inside a Peru prison, his attorney Maximo Altez announced. continue reading »

U.S. Returns Numerous Stolen & Looted Treasures from Peru, Including 2,000 Yr Old Antiquities

Today, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned 14 stolen and looted cultural paintings and artifacts to the government of Peru at a repatriation ceremony at the Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C. continue reading »

Peru President Shakes Up Country’s Military Fires 22 Generals

President Ollanta Humala relieved 22 generals of their commands in an effort to reinvigorate strategically important units of the Peruvian army, La Republica newspaper said Tuesday. continue reading »

Archeaological Riches Dating Back from 600 to 1000 AD Found in Peru

A sundial, ancient relics and an underground tunnel believed to be from the Wari civilization of Peru has been discovered in the Ayacucho region of the country. continue reading »

U.S. and Central America Working to Protect Labor Rights of Immigrants Working Here

The Labor Department on Monday signed cooperation agreements with Ecuador, Honduras, Peru and The Philippines to make known and protect the labor rights of immigrants from those countries who are working in the United States. continue reading »

1,000 Year Old Tomb Found with 80 Individuals in Peru, Many of Them Infants

The Pachacamac site in Peru has rendered another archealogical treasure with the discovery of a 1,000 year old tomb containing eighty individuals, many of them infants. continue reading »

Bats Killing Children in Peru, 6 Dead So Far (VIDEO)

The rural province of La Convención in Peru, near the tourist area of Cusco, has seen six children killed by bats. continue reading »

Ancient Mystery:  How Did Inca Bones from 1200 AD End up in Winter Garden, Florida?

Researchers are amazed and puzzled by two ancient Peruvian skulls found in a Florida backyard last January. The two skulls, dating back from possibly the year 1200 to 1400, continue reading »

Llama Taxis – New Way to Travel in Peru

Tourists visiting the South American country of Perú will now have a new way to tour while in town: the Llama Taxi. Visitors will now be able to see local attractions while being ‘driven’ by a llama. continue reading »

Scientists Believe Starvation May Be the Cause of Mass Bird Deaths Along Peru Shores

Scientists believe that the mass seabird deaths in Peru are a result of starvation due to disrupted fish distribution patterns along Peru and Chile’s coasts. continue reading »

Peru’s No. 1 Export is Now Gold, Totaling $2.57 billion in Year’s First Quarter

Peru's gold sales totaled $2.57 billion in the first quarter of this year, making the commodity the country's top export, the National Mining, Petroleum and Energy Society, or SNMPE, said. continue reading »

Jilted Peruvian Lover Extorts Webcam Nudes and Cash, Then Sends Out to Family and Friends

A Peruvian national was sentenced to six months in prison for demanding nude photographs and cash from a South American woman after she ended their online relationship. continue reading »

Gene Simmons Does Peru - Watch Video

It isn’t everyday that a former Rocker with heinous hair and reality show star show get to meet a President and First Lady and tour the Governmental Palace unless its Peru. continue reading »

With 538 Dead Pelicans and Hundreds of Dead Dolphins, Peruvian Gov’t Orders Investigation

The Peruvian Sea Institute, or Imarpe, will investigate the deaths of hundreds of seabirds in northern Peru, the Production Ministry said. Imarpe personnel have conducted a preliminary inspection along a 70-kilometer (43-mile continue reading »

Dead Dolphins and Now Hundreds of Dead Pelicans in Peru

Fishermen and environmentalists are calling on officials to investigate the deaths of more than 200 pelicans on the beaches of northern Peru, media reports said. continue reading »

Joran van der Sloot May be Extradited to the US after Trial in Peru

Joran van der Sloot, famous for being the prime suspect in the disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway, may be extradited to the United States to be tried for extortion. continue reading »

Kidnapped Energy Workers in Peru are Released Unharmed

Kidnappers on Saturday freed dozens of gas company contractors they had held hostage for five days in the jungles of southeastern Peru's Cuzco region, the government said on Facebook. continue reading »

Remains of Priestess of the 13th Century Lambayeque Culture Found in Peru

Researchers at the Chotuna-Chornancap archaeological digs near the Peruvian city of Chiclayo have found the funerary remains of a woman who was a priestess of the Lambayeque or Sican culture, continue reading »

Peruvian Helicopter Searching for Kidnap Victims Shot At, 1 Dead

A police officer was killed and three other people wounded Thursday when unknown attackers fired on a helicopter searching for 43 energy company workers kidnapped earlier this week in the jungles of southeastern Peru's Cuzco region, the Interior Ministry said in a communique. continue reading »