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Tag Results for "Peru News"

Sotheby’s Controversial Pre-Columbian Auction Rakes in $12 Million

Sotheby's brought in more than 9 million euros ($11.7 million) on the first of two days of an auction of pre-Columbian art that Peru tried to block because of the suspected illicit origin of the pieces. continue reading »

Peru Calls on Sotheby’s to Halt Auction of Pre-Columbian Artifacts

The Peruvian government has taken another step to block the auction of a pre-Columbian art collection with a request to Sotheby's that it suspend the sale scheduled to begin Friday in Paris. continue reading »

Lima, Peru’s First Female Mayor Survives Recall Vote

In Latin America news, Lima, Peru's first female mayor, Susana Villaran has survived a recall vote. The left-leaning mayor and 39 council members faced recall due to alleged ineffective leadership. continue reading »

PERU: 36 Injured, 14 Dead in Bus Crash

Fourteen people died and 36 were injured when a passenger bus went off the road and down a mountainside in southern Peru, the highway police reported on the weekend. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Peru Seeking to Become World’s #1 Copper Producer

In Latin America news, Peru is seeking to becoming the world's number one producer of copper and see that it can accomplish that goal in the next 10 to 15 years. Currently Peru is the second largest producer of copper behind Chile continue reading »

In Latin America News: Peru Building Sports and Community Centers in Poorest Areas

The government plans to spend nearly $39 million to construct sports facilities, community centers and bridges in Peru's poorest areas, President Ollanta Humala said. continue reading »

Latin America News: Peru National Police Fire 498 of Their Own

In Latin America news, Peru's national police fired 498 police officers including police chiefs and senior officers, all in an effort to eliminate corruption and affiliations with narcos. continue reading »

Latin Love:  Elderly Man Refuses to Leave Corpse of His Deceased Wife

78-year-old Angel Garcia Dominguez had to be pried away from the decaying body of his 88-year-old wife even after authorities broke into their apartment after complaints of severe odors from the neighbors. continue reading »

No Gas Exploration in Peru’s Ecologically Diverse Manu National Park

Argentina's Pluspetrol denied that it planned to explore for natural gas in Peru's Manu National Park, an ecologically diverse area located between the southern regions of Cuzco and Madre de Dios. continue reading »

V.P. of Peruvian Region of Amazonas Gunned Down

The vice president of the Peruvian region of Amazonas, Dr. Augusto Wong Lopez, was shot to death by two unknown gunmen in the jungle province of Bagua, local media reported Sunday. continue reading »

Shining Path Leader Tied to Narco Trafficking

The last of Peru's original Shining Path guerrilla leaders had ties to drug traffickers and ordered the murders of a family that failed to make payments to the group, a witness told a Lima court, judicial officials said. continue reading »

Latin America News: Peru Peasants Protest Canadian Mining Project

More than 200 peasants staged a protest against Canadian mining firm Candente Copper and blocked roadways in Cañaris, a district in northern Peru, to demand that the company cease activities in the zone, police said. continue reading »

inPERU Road Show arrives in Chicago to Highlight Opportunities in Peru

Fresh off of successful road shows in London and Hong Kong, inPERU, a non-profit association made up of government and financial entities whose main goal is to promote investment opportunities in Peru, continues its U.S. tour. On Wednesday, Jan. 30, the inPERU Road Show arrives in Chicago for its second stop in its US three-city tour – including stops in New York City and San Francisco continue reading »

Peruvians Settle Old Scores with Punching Ritual (VIDEO)

An annual festival in Peru brought together hundreds of competitors to take part in a traditional fighting ritual aimed at resolving disputes before the year's end. NBCNews.com's Dara Brown reports. continue reading »

Spanish Engineering Firm to Benefit from $100 Million Loan From IDB

Spanish engineering and consulting company Isolux has received a $100 million corporate loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to finance renewable energy and energy infrastructure projects in Peru and Brazil. continue reading »

Amazonian Village Destroyed by Fire in Peru

A huge fire destroyed some 150 humble dwellings in a poor section of the Peruvian Amazon city of Iquitos, the police said. continue reading »

3 Acclaimed Chefs Killed in Car Crash in Peru

Three acclaimed chefs were among a group of four people killed in a traffic accident in a highland area of southern Peru. continue reading »

Bishops of Central American Region Meeting in Panama

Since Monday, November 26, 60 Bishops of the Central American region have been in Panama for the 2012 General Assembly of the Bishops' Secretariat of Central America (SEDAC). continue reading »

Peru’s Business Sector to Improve Competitiveness, Stability with $30 Million Loan

Peru is carrying out reforms to increase productivity and business competitiveness in a program financed by a $30 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Train Derailment in Peru Kills 2

Two people died Sunday when a cargo train derailed in the central Peruvian province of Huarochiri, near Lima, local media reported. continue reading »