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Tag Results for "Pedro Pierluisi"

1 Year After Referendum, Puerto Rico’s Status Unchanged

The review of Puerto Rico's political status remains dead in the water a year after the last non-binding referendum held on the island, a vote in which the majority of Puerto Ricans came continue reading »

Puerto Rican Politician Wants to be New Leader of Pro-Statehood Party

Puerto Rico's non-voting representative in the U.S. Congress, Pedro Pierluisi, said that if he has taken a step forward to become the new leader of the pro-statehood PNP party, it's because he understands that's what Puerto Ricans want. continue reading »

Puerto Rico Status Referendum is Historic

In December 2011, Puerto Rico's legislature approved, and Governor Luis Fortuño signed, Law 283. This legislation provides for a referendum continue reading »

Congress’ Puerto Rico Delegate was 2010 Big Spender

A non-partisan group has taken a look at office accounts for each member of the U.S. House and its committees and found that $1.36 billion was spent in 2010, and the delegate from Puerto Rico spent the most. continue reading »