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Tag Results for "Paul Babeu"

Sheriff Will Not Be Charged for Threatening Deportation of Undocumented Gay Lover

An Arizona sheriff known for a hard-line stance on illegal immigration won't face criminal charges for allegedly threatening to have his undocumented gay lover deported, the state Attorney General's Office said Friday. continue reading »

Gay Ex- Lover of AZ Sheriff Babeu Files $1M Claim, Saying Sheriff Threatened Him

The former lover of Arizona's Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Jose Orozco, has filed a $1 million claim against the sheriff less than two weeks after Babeu held a press conference admitted that he is gay. continue reading »

AZ Sheriff Babeu’s Gay Ex-Lover Says he was Threatened w/ Deportation, Babeu Leaves Romney Campaign

"Yesterday, a tabloid article made a number of false allegations about me," Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu wrote on his Congressional Campaign website. "Only one was true: I’m gay." continue reading »

Mike Stauffer for Maricopa Sheriff blasts Paul Babeu and Joe Arpaio

Just in from Mike Stauffer’s facebook page. He gets it, and I’m glad he has more common sense than Paul Babeu and Joe Arpaio (the newest tweedle dee and tweedle dumb of Arizona). continue reading »