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Tag Results for "Paraguay"

Paraguayan Soccer Player’s Sister Fakes Own Abduction to get his Money (BILINGUAL)

The sister of defense Éder Líder Mármol-- married and mother of five, faked to be kidnapped, demanding 38,000 in "ransom" from the player. continue reading »

11 Países de America Latina Piden Revisión de Leyes Migratorias de Arizona

México y otros 10 países de América Latina buscan que un tribunal federal de apelaciones de los Estados Unidos revise leyes de inmigración del estado de Arizona. continue reading »

Paraguay’s President Hospitalized for Cancer Treatment

Paraguay's President Fernando Lugo will now be hospitalized in Brazil due to a negative reaction to his on-going treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The President was initially admitted to a local continue reading »

UN Reports Most Paraguayan Children Suffer Parental Abuse

Six out of 10 Paraguayan children and adolescents suffer physical violence and other maltreatment within their homes, including beatings, kicks, burns and semi-asphyxiation, according to a new United Nations study. The UN Children’s Fund continue reading »