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Tag Results for "Paraguay"

PARAGUAY:  King of Used Cars

Paraguay has become the main destination in South America for used cars from Japan, the United States and other countries, thanks to new regulations aimed at making it easier to import automobiles so low-income consumers can purchase vehicles. continue reading »

Paraguay’s New President Horacio Cartes Also One of Country’s Richest Men

Paraguay has a new President, Horacio Cartes, who is also one of the richest man in the country. Cartes defeated Efrain Alegre and is replacing President Federico Franco. continue reading »

Elton John Performs for the First Time in Paraguay

As promised, British music icon Sir Elton John served up an intimate performance for his first-ever concert in Paraguay. John gave his band the night off, appearing alone on stage with his piano before some 5,000 fans gathered in a courtyard at the Yacht y Golf Club Paraguayo, just outside Asuncion. continue reading »

One Week After Deadly Squatters-Police Clash, Paraguayan President is Impeached

President Fernando Lugo said Friday he accepts the Paraguayan Senate's decision to oust him after a turbo-charged impeachment process in which the law was "twisted like a fragile branch in the wind." continue reading »

Paraguayan President’s Impeachment Trial Underway, LatAm Shows Support

Cabinet ministers from eight South American countries were in this capital on Friday to stand with President Fernando Lugo as his impeachment trial got under way in the Paraguayan Senate. continue reading »

Paraguayan Interior Minister Resigns in Wake of Deadly Squatters Clash

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo replaced his interior minister after at least six police and nine squatters were killed during an attempt by security forces to evict landless peasants from a rural estate. continue reading »

Three Arrested With 1.6 tons of Marijuana in Argentina

Two Paraguayans and an Argentine were arrested Thursday outside Buenos Aires when they were caught unloading 1.6 tons of marijuana from a boat, police said. continue reading »

7 Missing After Paraguay-Argentina Boat Collision

Seven people have gone missing after Argentine- and Paraguayan-flagged vessels collided in the Parana Delta, Argentine coast guard officials said Saturday. continue reading »

UN:  Modern, Sustainable Development Critical to Ibero-American Countries

Sustainable development will be critical to achieving long-term progress, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told foreign ministers from Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe and the Americas today in New York. continue reading »

RELAX this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder

RELAX this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder. Guess What and Where this is? continue reading »

Check Out The Paraguayan Orchestra of the Recycled Instruments (VIDEO)

From Beethoven to the Beatles, from Vivaldi to Sinatra, this orchestra plays their music on instruments they built themselves, out of garbage. continue reading »

Hugo Chávez Using Twitter to Complain About Soccer and Run the Country

Hugo said he’ll talk to Conmebol officials to Protest the semifinal Copa América Match between Venezuela and Paraguay. continue reading »

Paraguay to Conduct Housing & Population Census

Paraguay’s 2012 National Population and Housing Census will be carried out with the help of a $12.5 million financing package from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Boob Wars:  Peru vs Paraguay for “Girlfriend of the Copa América” Title (VIDEO)

Peruvians Irina Grandez and Daysy Araújo are the new competition of Larissa Riquelme for the Girlfriend of the Copa América title! continue reading »

Satellite Imagery Helping ID Illegal Forest Clearing in Latin America

Brazilian beef barons whose illegal clearance of land inhabited by uncontacted Indians in Paraguay was spotted by satellites have now been charged with illegal deforestation. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  $131 Million Worth of Cocaine Seized in Paraguay – Largest Seizure Ever

This one is for the record books of Paraguay – a $131 million worth of cocaine seized at a river port this week. Employees became suspicious about the rice bags that were due to shipped to Mozambique from the private Phoenix river port – located at the border zone of Paraguay/Brazil/Argentina. Upon further inspection officials found 1,900 pound of cocaine with a street value of $131 million. continue reading »

Largest Corporate Social Responsibility Conference for the Americas Opens in Paraguay

The Inter-American Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, CSRAmericas 2011, opened in Paraguay with a reaffirmation of the importance of corporate social responsibility as a key tool for transforming Latin American society.. continue reading »

Tom Hanks to Star in Kathryn Bigelow’s Controversial Latin America Film

Hollywood star Tom Hanks will appear in the new movie of Oscar-winner director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), a film that has sparked some controversy in Latin America. continue reading »

Migrant Women Rescued in Argentina Exploited as Sex Slaves

Argentinian police rescued 13 migrant women from Paraguay and the Dominican who were being held as sex slaves in brothels in Buenos Aires. A late night raid this week continue reading »

U.S. Officials Set to Visit Paraguay and Uruguay This Week

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo A. Valenzuela will be in Asuncion, Paraguay November 8–9 and in Montevideo, Uruguay November 9–10. continue reading »