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Tag Results for "Panama News"

Panama Will be Home to Central America’s First Subway

Panama is getting ready to debut Central America’s first subway system in the capital city of Panama City. President Ricardo Martinelli and several members of his cabinet recently went for a ride in preparation of an official launch at the end of 2013. continue reading »

Report: Mexican Narcos Including Los Zetas Operating in Panama

At least four Mexican drug trafficking organizations are operating in Panama and have been linked to murders, the La Prensa newspaper reported Monday, citing intelligence reports. continue reading »

Remains Thought to Be U.S. Citizen who Went Missing in 2011 Being Analyzed in Panama

Panamanian authorities reported Wednesday that they are analyzing the remains found in a grave in the northwestern province of Bocas del Toro which are suspected to be those of a U.S. woman who disappeared there in 2011. continue reading »

Lock Gates for Canal Expansion Arrive in Panama

The first four lock gates for the Panama Canal expansion project arrived at the Atlantic entrance of the interoceanic waterway, where they are to be unloaded in the coming days, authorities said. continue reading »

Panama to Aid Students Stranded in Cuba

Panama's government will repatriate 99 Panamanian students who lack the funds to return from Cuba after completing university studies on the Communist-ruled island, the foreign minister said Friday. continue reading »

Panama Looks to Entice Experts, Middle Managers in Spain

Panama needs experts in different sectors and middle managers and so it has changed its immigration policy to facilitate the entry of Spanish citizens, the Central American nation's foreign minister said here on Thursday. continue reading »

North Korean Ship Carrying Weapons Held in Panama Awaiting U.N. Inspection

Panama said Wednesday that it will place the task of evaluating the undeclared weaponry found in a North Korean cargo ship, which Cuba admitted belonged to it but said was "obsolete," in the hands of the U.N. Security Council. continue reading »

Cuba:  Yes those Are Our War Weapons But They’re Old and Useless

Cuban authorities have acknowledged the “war weapons” found on a North Korean ship in Panama are indeed theirs but also said they are “obsolete defensive weapons.” continue reading »

Panama Stops North Korea Ship Carrying Weapons, Missiles from Cuba

Authorities have impounded a North Korea-flagged ship found to be carrying weapons, Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli said. continue reading »

Top Medical Tourism Destinations in Latin America

As healthcare costs continue to rise in the United States, many are looking to Latin America as a major medical tourism destination. continue reading »

Panama Looks to Bank $2.5 Billion From Tourism

Tourism is expected to generate more than $2.5 billion for the Panamanian economy in 2013, the Panama Tourism Authority, or ATP, said. "The revenues from tourism during 2013 are going to be above $2.5 billion. In tourist visits, I think we're (at) 875,000 tourists, up to now, and estimates are that 2013 will close on the order of 2.2 million," ATP administrator Salomon Shamah said at a press conference. continue reading »

Drug Sting at Panama International Airport Nets Lots of Coke and Cash

Panamanian police seized eight grills containing an as yet undetermined amount of cocaine and almost three quarters of a million dollars in cash and arrested four Colombians and a Panamanian in an antidrug operation carried out on the weekend at the Tocumen International Airport, an official said. continue reading »

First Lady of Panama’s Security Detail Arrested on Narco Charges

A member of the security team for Panamanian first lady Marta Linares de Martinelli was arrested by the National Police during an anti-drug operation, officials said. continue reading »

Panama Authorities Seize 1.5 Tons of Cocaine

Panama's Senan aero-naval force seized 1.5 tons of cocaine and arrested four Colombians in an operation carried out in the Caribbean Sea 12 nautical miles from El Porvenir, authorities said Monday. continue reading »

Toxic Smoke Lingering Over Panama City, Panama

A cloud of toxic smoke on Wednesday covered part of the Panamanian capital as a fire burned in the city's largest trash dump. Activities in Panama City were continuing normally with the exception that some schools near the site of the fire suspended classes for the day. continue reading »

Panama, Honduras Arrest Colombian Drug Kingpins

Two drug kingpins operating from the Colombian island of San Andres were captured in Honduras and Panama, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday. continue reading »

USCIS to Close Field Office in Panama City in February

USCIS will permanently close its field office in Panama City, Panama, on Feb. 1, 2013. The Panama City Field Office had jurisdiction over Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname. continue reading »

Panama Will Not Retrieve Sunken Narco-Sub

A cocaine-laden semi-submersible vessel that sank early this month in Panama's Caribbean waters will not be refloated due to the cost and possible risks of the operation, the country's chief narcotics prosecutor said. continue reading »

Three Arrested in Panama for Murder of Two Spanish Businessmen

Three people are in custody in connection with the murder of two Spanish businessmen in Panama, diplomatic sources here told Efe Friday. continue reading »

Panama Makes Inroad to Becoming Regional Diamond Trading Power

The Panamanian government announced that it has been unanimously admitted to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, a program meant to keep conflict diamonds off the world market. continue reading »