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Tag Results for "Outdated Laws"

Segregating American Citizenship- Latino Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012

The Latino community is a large and integral part of American democracy, comprising more than 10% of the nation’s eligible voters and approximately 8% of its registered voters. Within specific states, those continue reading »

Decision Upholding Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Relied On 1869 Case Warning Of Rogues, & Strumpets

As the Pennsylvania Supreme Court prepares to review the constitutionality of the state’s photo ID law, a University of Pittsburgh law professor flagged the flimsy and offensive precedent upon which the lower court relied when it upheld the law. In rejecting the plaintiffs’ argument that the law violates the state Constitution’s guarantee of “free and equal elections,” the court cited the 1869 case of Patterson v. Barlow, continue reading »