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Tag Results for "Oliver Stone"

Check Out: Oliver Stone’s Mexican Narco Movie “Savages” This Weekend

Oliver Stone’s narco movie ‘Savages' opens this weekend starring Salma Hayek, Benecio del Toro, Blake Lively, amongst others. The movie is based on Don Winslow’s novel by the same title continue reading »

Actor Demian Bichir Applauds “Savages” and its Reflection of Reality

Mexican actor Demian Bichir on Friday made a stout defense of films as an art that reflects the times, a good example being his latest film, "Savages," Oliver Stone's take on the world of drug trafficking. continue reading »

U.S. Filmmaker Oliver Stone Blames Mexican President For Drug-war Tensions

U.S. filmmaker Oliver Stone said in presenting his new film "Savages," in which he takes on the realities of the drug trade between Mexico and the United States, that Mexican President Felipe Calderon is responsible for the "nightmare" his country is going through. continue reading »

Salma Hayek to Play Drug Cartel Queen in Oliver Stone’s “Savages”

Hayek told Redbook Magazine she accepted a role in “Savages” to prove Director Oliver Stone she hasn’t “gone all soft.” continue reading »