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Tag Results for "Odd News"

Michael Martinez Stabbed For Smacking Girlfriend’s Sunburned Butt

After getting badly sunburned, Tiffany Sherry returned to her Pennsylvania home in pain. He boyfriend had no idea that one smack of the tush would land him the hospital. continue reading »

Yovany Gonzalez Claims Wells Fargo Fired Him Because Daughter’s Cancer Bills Were too High

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Yovany Gonzalez, Wells Fargo fired him when the cost of his daughter’s cancer treat got too high. Three days prior to a scheduled surgery for his daughter Mackenzie continue reading »

Remains of “Ape Woman” to Finally be Returned and Buried in Mexico

Known as the “Ape Woman”, the body of Julia Pastrana is being returned to Mexico after decades in Europe. Pastrana worked as a carnival sideshow attraction known as the “Ape Woman”. continue reading »

Taco Bell Employee Pees on Nachos, Posts the Photo Online, Gets Outed by ‘Anonymous’ Hacker

"Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and team members. We have strict food handling procedures and zero tolerance for any violations." continue reading »

73 Year Old Retired Brazilian Teacher Demands Missing Money ( $25) at Gunpoint from Bank

A 73-year-old retired teacher went into a bank in Brazil and demanded at gunpoint that the financial institution return 50 reais (about $25) that a teller failed to give her when she made a withdrawal a day earlier, media reports said. Janet Benfatti was carrying a loaded revolver when she entered a Banco Itau branch Wednesday in Sao Jose de Rio Preto continue reading »

Construction Worker in Brazil Survives Being Skewered by Steel Bar

A Brazilian construction worker is lucky to be alive after a having a steel removed from his head. While working in Rio de Janeiro last week, 24-year-old Eduardo Leite was struck continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Florida Woman Interrupts Trip to Salon to Run Across Street to Slap Someone

A 26-year-old Florida woman was arrested for running across the street to slap another woman across the face. Police in Naples say Dorys Leidys Quintana was at a hair salon with she spott continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Robbery Suspect Jesus Martinez Identified by Tattooed Forehead

During a robbery it can be hard to get a glimpse of one’s attacker, but a very obvious forehead tattoo helped one victim send her robber straight to jail. A man was recently arrested in the suburb of Elgin, northwest continue reading »

Peruvian Boy Shot Self in Groin at 9, Now Getting Genital Replacement Surgery at 17

When Luis Canelos was just 9 years old he accidentally fired a shotgun at his genitals, leaving him with just part of his right testicle and no penis. Now, at the age of 17, the Peruvian boy and his father are traveling from their remote village t continue reading »

Becoming a Condom Tester in Brazil Could Win You Free Condoms for a Year

Brazil's DKT International is asking people to test their condoms and share their opinions of them in exchange for a year’s supply of condoms. DKT says it is hoping their provocative mar continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Fingerprint Scanner Keeps Failing, Annoyed Inmate Punches Officer

When a fingerprint scanner at an Arizona police station malfunctioned, one alleged criminal took his frustration out on the an officer. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Brawl Breaks Out After Man Bites Roommate’s Dog

Alcohol is believed to be the cause of a bizarre act that led to a brawl between three roommates. The roommates, three men in their 20s, were hanging out and drinking at their New Mexico h continue reading »

Colombian Drug Operative Who Faked Own Death in 2010 Arrested During his Caribbean Wedding Party

A man wanted by Colombian authorities was arrested at a really inconvenient time – during his week-long wedding reception. Last week, Camilo “Fritanga” Torres was celebrating his wedding in the Car continue reading »

Enrique Trevino Raising Money for Wounded Warriors with “1 Year 1 Million Push Ups”

There are 31,536,000 in every year, so how many would it take one man to do 1 million push-ups. The best person to ask is probably Sgt. Enrique Trevino of the U.S. Marines. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Dallas Mother Attempts to Sell Baby in Classified Ad for $4,500

A Texas woman has been arrested after she attempted to sell her infant son in a classified ad. Megan Heichelbeck had decided she wanted to adopt a child, but when she saw a classified ad for a four-month-old African American and Hispanic continue reading »

Brazilian Inmates Able to Write Book Reports to Shorten Prison Sentences

Inmates in a number of Brazilian prisons will now be able to shorten their sentences by improving their minds. Four federal prisons in Brazil are now offering inmates the opportunity to shorten their sentences by as many continue reading »

10-year-old Traffic Summons Lands New Jersey Woman in New York Jail

A New Jersey woman learned the hard way that ignoring or forgetting a traffic summons, even if it's in another state, is never a good idea. Ten years ago, Krystle Garcia, 27, was given a court summons for not having continue reading »

Latin America’s 1st Double-Arm Transplant Performed After Man Loses Arms in Electrical Accident

A 52-year-old Mexican man who lost his arms in a 2011 electrical accident became the first patient in Latin America to receive a double-arm transplant. continue reading »

Spanish Man Found Dead in Home 20 Years After Death

The body of a man was only recently found in the northwestern Spanish village of Canizal, though he may have been dead for up to 20 years. continue reading »

Rare Event Caught in Argentina as Glacier Flips (VIDEO)

In a stroke of luck a tourist caught a rare event in Argentina and posted the results on YouTube. The Glacier flip It took place near the Upsala Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, notes the Daily Mail. About 15 seconds into the clip, the top of the iceberg begins to sink into the water. continue reading »