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Tag Results for "Odd News"

Four Arrested in Chile for Burning 3-Day-Old Baby Alive

A child is dead and four people are in jail after a gruesome ritual in Chile. Police in Colliguay, Chile were shocked to learn a three-day-old baby girl had been sacrificed, continue reading »

Accidental Drug Trafficker: Woman Unaware She Brought Drugs into US

A woman traveling into the U.S. from Mexico for work was shocked to learn she had transported around 30 pounds of marijuana into the country. According to police, the 33-year-old woman, who lives in Mexico, continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Javier Adolfo Viera Charged with Setting Over 20 Fires in California

Pasadena authorities in California have arrested Javier Adolfo Viera, 35, on suspicsion of setting 25 brush or car fires over the last four months. Apparently Viera arson binge started in November with him throwing out incendiary devices, concocted at home, from his car at dry brush in the Pasadena. continue reading »

Florida Man Building Replica of Noah’s Ark in Miami

After Hurricane Katrina left many animals without food or water, one Florida man came up with the idea to build a replica of Noah's Ark. Rodolfo Almira of Miami-Dade County is building the replica and turning it into a museu continue reading »

Newborn Deaths in Brazil Tied to Bacteria, Hygiene in Question at Hospitals

Brazilian medical authorities have concluded that 6 newborn deaths in the past 12 days are tied to a bacteria found in standing liquids and damp surfaces. continue reading »

University of Puerto Rico Finance Chief Resigns After Being Duped

The head of finances at the University of Puerto Rico resigned after a scammer bilked the institution out of $150,000, UPR President Miguel Muñoz said Tuesday. continue reading »

Idiot Tattoos His 5-Month-Old Puppy

A North Carolina man has outraged many after he posted photos of the tattoo he did on his puppy on Facebook. No, it is not an April Fool's joke. "Tattoo artist" Ernesto Rodriguez of Stokes County was visited by police after g continue reading »

Spanish Man On 5-Year Walk Around the Globe to Promote Environmental Awareness

A Spanish man recently began a walk around the world to "promote love and respect for the environment." On March 21, 32-year-old Ignacio Dean Mouliaa set off on what is expected to be a 5-year walk, dubbed the "Earth Wide Walk." continue reading »

Puerto Rican Man Sues Staffing Agency After Penis Cut Off at Temp Job

A Puerto Rican man who was working in Florida is suing the temp agency that hired him claiming they were aware of a number of safety issues before sending him to a work for the Florida company. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: After Biting Off Person’s Finger, Man is Hit by Car

A New Mexico man was arrested this week after he bit off part of another man’s pinky and was hit by a car. When 23-year-old Leandro Sage hit his girlfriend, her brother, 25-year-old Robert Martinez stepped in to defend her. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Has Nephew, 11, Drive to Pick Up Sister

A Texas woman was arrested after she allowed her young nephew to drive her car to pick up his sister. According to police, Carolina Romero-Gonzalez, 40, gave her 11-year-old nephew the keys to her car to meet up with his sister. continue reading »

Connecticut Tweens Run Away to Elope

A young recently ran away from their families’ homes in New and East Haven, Connecticut over the weekend. Jose Armando Rojas, 13, and Erica Lucera, 12, intended to elope when they ran away Saturday night. continue reading »

1 in 70 Million: Texas Couple Welcome Two Sets of Twins

On Valentine’s Day, 36-year-old Tressa Montalvo and 43-year-old Manuel Montalvo, Jr. became the happy parents of two sets of identical twins (two boys sharing one placenta and two boys sharing another plac continue reading »

Man in Uruguay Killed by Lightning in Resort Town

A 24-year-old man was struck and killed by lightning while enjoying an outing at the popular Montoya beach in Barra de Maldonado, one of the most upscale districts in the Uruguayan continue reading »

Yuck! Brazilian Father Replaces Son’s Candy Egg With Real Egg (VIDEO)

A viral video of a Brazilian father pranking his son has been causing quite a bit of controversy since hitting the web. In the video uploaded to YouTube a father gives his son what he tells him is a Kinder continue reading »

MEXICO: Prosecutor’s 3 Boydguards Killed by Police in Odd Confrontation

Three bodyguards were killed Friday when police attacked the motorcade of the attorney general of the central Mexican state of Morelos, the state's governor said continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Naked Man Run Over by Naked Fiancé

A man was taken to a California hospital in critical condition after his inebriated fiancé ran him over. On Thursday, a naked 30-year-old Alberto Giovanni Bravo was run over by his fiancé, continue reading »

Tired of Being Single? Brazilian Company Will Be Your Girlfriend Online for a Fee

It would seem not everyone is okay being single, or rather, with everyone knowing they're single. So for those that wish they had a girlfriend to show off on Facebook and continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Male Nurse Arrested for Sex Act with Corpse

A male nurse in Los Angeles allegedly committed a sex act on a female corpse at Sherman Oaks Hospital. Alejandro Razo, 61, was arrested on Sunday on a state healt continue reading »

Former Model’s Rear Disfigured by Costa Rican “Plastic Surgeon”

A former model is suing the Costa Rican doctor she says caused severe deformities to her butt. The doctor, who only had his last name released (Vargas Scott) reportedly performed an “ae continue reading »