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Tag Results for "Obama In Brazil"

“Together We Can Advance Our Common Prosperity:” The President Speaks to the People of Brazil

President Obama's first stop on his visit to Latin America was in Brazil, the largest country in the region in geography, population, and economic size. He spoke to the people of Brazil from the country's largest city, Rio de Janeiro, and addressed the shared economic goals of Americans and Brazilians: continue reading »

President Obama Cancels Sunday’s Public Speech at Rio’s Cinelândia

The US Embassy in Brazil has cancelled the Public Speech scheduled for Sunday in Rio at the historic plaza Cinelândia. The embassy gave no explanation for the decision but did say that President Obama will deliver remarks at Rio’s Municipal Theatre instead. It is uncertain if this event will be open to the public or exclusively for invited guests. continue reading »

Latin America Looks to the Future as President Obama Prepares for a Visit

As President Obama prepares to visit our neighbors to the south at the end of this week, the region is likely preparing to display the changes that Latin America has made in recent years and work on building with the U.S. with their new found strength as a region. continue reading »