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Tag Results for "Noaa"

Scientists say Carbon Dioxide Levels Above Feared Milestone

Carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere have reached a level not seen in the Earth's recent history, according to a reading reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a U.S. federal agency. continue reading »

Greenpeace: U.S. Hid Documents Revealing Impact of BP Oil Spill on Whales

The U.S. government deliberately blocked the release of documents and photographs that showed the true impact of the BP oil spill on whales in the Gulf of Mexico, Greenpeace said Thursday. continue reading »

Hurrican Irene Readiness: Your Pets and Livestock

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is issuing guidance for residents in states who have livestock and pets that might be affected by Hurricane Irene. USDA is offering these tips to help residents protect the health of these animals in the event of power outages, flooding and other problems that could be associated with the storm. continue reading »