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Tag Results for "Nielsen"

Top 5 Fastest Growing Cities Among Hispanics

While Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami and Chicago have the largest shares of the Latino population, a recent study shows that Hispanics are moving to newer regions of the United States. continue reading »

Number of Ethnic TV Household Grows, Lead by Asian Households Followed by Hispanic Families

The number of Hispanic/Latino households in the U.S. for the 2011-2012 TV season will grow by 4.6 percent (over 600,000) compared to last year according to Nielsen. continue reading »

New Nielsen Study Shows Hispanics Watch Less TV Than Whites and African-Americans

Nielson has just released a study on who watches the most traditional TV in America and for how long. The new Nielsen data showed that African Americans watched the most, watching 213 hours a month or 7 hours on average a day. continue reading »