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Tag Results for "Nicaragua"

Sandinistas Acknowledged Defeat in Nicaraguan Elections in 1990

Today in Latin American history, Sandinistas acknowledged defeat in Nicaraguan elections in 1990. A year after agreeing to free elections, Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government loses at the polls. The elections brought an end to more than a decade of U.S. efforts to unseat the Sandinista government. continue reading »

President Reagan Gave CIA Authority to Establish the Contras in 1981

Today in Latin American history, President Ronald Reagan signs off on a top secret document which gave the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the power to recruit and support Nicaraguan rebels to conduct covert actions against the leftist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. continue reading »

Colombia, Nicaragua to Discuss Maritime Border Dispute

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said here Friday he hopes to speak in the most respectful, civilized way with Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega about a world court ruling that awarded Managua waters long claimed by Bogota. continue reading »

IDB Loan Will Improve 1.7 Million Nicaraguans’ Quality of Life

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a $35 million loan to improve electricity service in Nicaragua, the third part for the National Sustainable Electrification and Renewable Energy Program (PNESER, the Spanish acronym). continue reading »

Olympics: U.S. Taekwondo Champ Steven Lopez Aims for Third Gold Medal

U.S. taekwondo champion Steven Lopez said Friday in New York that he will put his whole heart into winning another medal for the United States in the London Olympic Games. continue reading »

Nicaragua Plans to Construct Interoceanic Canal Within 10 Years

Nicaragua's government plans to build a $30 billion interoceanic canal within the next 10 years, calling that project a "priority" and an addition to the country's "national heritage." continue reading »

Nicaragua Set to Launch Rent-to-Own Housing Program

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $10 million loan to Banco de Finanzas S.A. (BDF), a leading commercial bank in Nicaragua, to finance a pilot housing project that will pave the way for low-income families working in the informal sector to get access to mortgage financing. continue reading »

Nicaragua’s Ernesto Cardenal Wins Poetry Prize in Madrid

Nicaragua's Ernesto Cardenal was announced in Madrid Thursday as the winner of the Queen Sofia Ibero American Poetry Prize, presented every year to a living author deemed to have made an important contribution to the cultural legacy of Spain and Latin America. continue reading »

Nicaragua Crowns its Miss Gay 2012

Nicaragua crowned its Miss Gay, the queen of the transvestites, in its annual Miss Gay Nicaragua competition held at the Ruben Dario National Theater. continue reading »

Puerto Rican Independence Day and National Hispanic Heritage Month

The 15th of September marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, 30 days celebrating the Latino culture and heritage shared by over 50 million Americans. Even before President Lyndon Johnson chose the 15th as the start of Hispanic Heritage Week in the 1960s continue reading »

DREAM ON this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder

DREAM ON this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder. Guess What and Where this is? continue reading »

Nicaragua’s First Family Runs the Nation’s Media and Communications!

The Ortega clan control Channel 8, Channel 13 and the Secretary of Communications and Citizenship. continue reading »

SLOW DOWN This Weekend With a Latin American Wonder

SLOW DOWN This Weekend With a Latin American Wonder continue reading »

Nicaragua Seeks to Improve Tourism and Highlights Its Cultural Treaures

Nicaragua will improve tourism offerings in San Juan del Sur and Granada with a $10 million loan by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The project will increase average daily foreign tourists spending by more than 35 percent in San Juan and more than 25 percent in Granada, allowing local firms to double the number of formal tourism jobs, a move that will contribute to increase household income and reduce poverty in both locations. continue reading »

Nicaragua Cites GoogleMaps Faulty Map as an Excuse to Invade Costa Rica

President Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua blames Google maps for last week's accidental invasion of Costa Rican soil. Nicaraguan troops have been accused of crossing the traditionally debated Nicaragua border into Costa Rica, and setting up camp for the night. The soldiers allegedly took down a Costa Rican flag and hoisted the Nicaraguan flag. continue reading »

UN to Help Fight Rising Hunger in Nicaragua

To check rising rural poverty and hunger in Nicaragua, the United Nations (UN) is helping the country’s Government to support small-scale farmers boost their production of beans, maize, rice and other staple crops. continue reading »

U.S. and Nicaragua Extend Agreement to Protect Archaelogical Treasures of Nicaragua

The Department of State announced the extension of the “Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua Concerning the Imposition of Import Restrictions on Archaeological Material from the Pre-Hispanic Cultures continue reading »

11 Países de America Latina Piden Revisión de Leyes Migratorias de Arizona

México y otros 10 países de América Latina buscan que un tribunal federal de apelaciones de los Estados Unidos revise leyes de inmigración del estado de Arizona. continue reading »

UPDATE:  Mystery Deepens Around Nicaraguan Consul Found with Throat Slashed in New York

New York City police continue to investigate the stabbing death of Nicaraguan Consul Cesar Mercado last Thursday. Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega is urging the U.S. Government for a swift investigation so the body can be returned to Nicaragua. Cesar Mercado, 34, a Nicaraguan diplomat was found dead in his New York apartment with his throat slashed. Mercado was expected to meet with the Nicaraguan delegation in town for continue reading »

¡Felicidades! Nicaragua on Your 189th Year of Independence

Today, all of Nicaragua is celebrating and rejoicing its 189-year old independence from Spain. The Spanish arrived in the 1500's and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region, enslaved native populations a continue reading »