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Tag Results for "Nicaragua Elections"

U.S. Declares Nicaragua Elections as Non-Transparent

The Nicaraguan Government has announced that Daniel Ortega will serve another term as president. International and unaccredited domestic observers continue reading »

Daniel Ortega Wins Nicaragua Pres Elections, Otto Pérez Wins Pres in Guatemala

Former Army General Otto Pérez Molina won some 54% of the Guatemalan vote, while Ortega garnered 67% of the votes in Nicaragua, amid allegations of electoral fraud. continue reading »

Gadhafi and Ortega Share More Than a Desire to Stay in Power

In an announcement made yesterday by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s wife Rosario Murillo, Father Miguel Descoto Brockmann will represent Libyan interests at the UN. continue reading »

Catholic Bishops Oppose Ortega’s Reelection Bid in Nicaragua

President Daniel Ortega’s push to stay in power using a contested interpretation of the Constitution has many citizens crying foul. Mr. Ortega’s critics charge that he is disrespecting the constitution by having his supporter’s rule to make an exception continue reading »