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Tag Results for "Ngo"

NGO Alliance Promote Anti-Obesity Campagne in Mexico

A coalition of civic groups is asking Mexicans to use social networks to condemn ads for junk food and sugary soft drinks that many blame for rampant childhood obesity in the Aztec nation. continue reading »

NGOs Call for Air Quality Monitors in Mexico

Mexican cities with more than 500,000 residents should systematically monitor their air quality to protect the public from pollution-linked respiratory and cardiovascular diseases that cause 14,700 deaths per year in this country, a coalition of NGOs said Tuesday. continue reading »

Organizations in Mexico Call For Debate Over National Gendarmerie

A group of nine non-governmental organizations that focus on public safety, economic and development issues are calling on the Mexican government to hold "a broad public debate, with the consultation of specialists," on the new National Gendarmerie. continue reading »

NGO Launches Campaign to Save 500,000 Slave Laborers in Argentina

The non-governmental organization La Alameda has launched a campaign against slave labor in Argentina, alleging that 200 years after the foundation was laid for the abolition of slavery in the South American nation, the practice had "changed form" and affected nearly 500,000 people. continue reading »

Colombian FARC Embedding Their Terrorist Bombs in Fabled ‘Panela’ Brown Sugar Loafs

The guerrilla group detonated a bomb hidden inside a “Panela” block, murdering NGO leader Maria Elizabeth Quiróz. continue reading »