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Tag Results for "Newstaco"

Timely Time in Latin America

One thing that has been lacking for many years and from many United States Administrations is a Latin American policy. We have had policies, don’t get me wrong. But, we have never had a comprehensive policy since the early nineteenth century and then it was only warning the world that Latin America was our backyard and there was no room for other exploiters. continue reading »

Scrutiny and the Rise of New Online Networks

One of the primary questions at the start of a relationship is “Can I trust you?” The same is true on online relationships and in the process of vetting new connections and networks. Everyone gets invites to join this or that and if you don’t have a previous relationship or personally know the person IRL (in real life) then you might be suspicious of the attempt to connect. continue reading »

Is It Time For A New Voting Rights Act?

For all of the anticipation leading up to the Voting Rights challenge at the U. S. Supreme Court there are a couple of things that bubbled to the surface and that are worth noting in it’s wake: Justice Scalia’s “racial entitlement” comment and the idea that maybe we’re better off with judicial creative destruction, where Section 5 is struck down to make room for a new, more comprehensive voting rights enforcement code. continue reading »

A Deep Dive: Losing the Latino Vote

This isn’t being talked about very loudly in Latino political circles, in fact, it hasn’t been talked about loudly for a long time. But it has been acknowledged and mulled over by many people for many years. continue reading »

McCain Confronts Radical Right on Immigration (VIDEO)

No one said selling immigration reform was going to be easy. Sure, there seems to be bipartisan agreement that reform should be done, especially after the schooling that the GOP received regarding Latino voters and the future of national elections. continue reading »

Deja El Plastico: Latino Efforts in Banning Plastic Bags

Currently in California, campaigns and debates over “ban the bag” have risen in various cities. Most recently there was an effort at the state level that failed. Nonetheless, many municipalities have been successful throughout the state in implementing local bans on plastic bans. continue reading »

Piensale al Pescado: What Fish is on Your Plate?

As Latinos we eat all kind and type of fish—at least as reflected how I grew up and based on the menus of any typical Mexican or Latino restaurant. continue reading »

Colbert Satirizes GOP’s “Hispanic Outreach” - MUST WATCH!

In case you missed it, Steven Colbert took a satirical swipe at the GOP’s recently announced “Hispanic Outreach” during his nightly program on Comedy Central. continue reading »

Before We Bicker on Immigration, Let’s Agree on Definitions

If we’re going to get anywhere in this looming immigration debate, we’ve got to start in the same room, using words we all understand. I don’t mean this in a figurative sense, I mean it literally. continue reading »

Why Democrats Don’t Have to Worry About Ted Cruz?

Not too long ago Ruben Navarette wrote a most revealing column entitled “Democrats should worry about up-and-comer Cruz. The column goes on to extol Cruz’s conservative values and how they perfectly matched those of the Hispanic community. continue reading »

GOP: Latinos We Are Just Not That Into You

Last week I got a call from a Hispanic Republican activist asking what it would take to increase the Latino vote. I told her, “It’s simple, Republicans need to fund outreach grassroots initiatives, invite Latino influencers to the discussion table, create a Latino friendly policy and sell it.” continue reading »

Latinos Part of High Level Post Inaugural Rumor Mill

One of the interesting things about being in Washington DC for a few days after a presidential inaugural is the sifting through the residual rumors. It’s a lot like walking a shoreline after a storm, all sorts of things catch your eye. continue reading »

Latinos Getting Fracked?

2012 closed with an interesting note: As reported in this article from Reuters, the term “fracking” was more popular than “climate change” in US online searches. continue reading »

Voting Rights: A Sleeper Issue for Latino Community

Here’s a small blip on the radar that’s sure to be getting brighter this year: Six out of the nine states covered under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act are supporting a challenge, in the Supreme Court, that could overturn one of the strongest tools that advocates have in their defense of voting rights. continue reading »

I Told You So! Latino Power Surge Decades in the Making

¿Sabes que? “I Told You So!” I told you all that the Latino vote would play a decisive role in this presidential election. continue reading »

Immigration Reform is Opportunity for Latino Leadership

Twenty eight Latinos were sworn into the 113th Congress today. That’s enough to put a new notch on the Latino political wall – there have never been that many Latinos in congress before. Neither has there been a more polarized congress, at least not since the civil war. continue reading »

Getting More Latinos in the Outdoors

This past week, a story via NPR highlighted another benefit of taking to the outdoors. The story referenced a study indicating how participation in nature activities has positive effects on cognition, specifically creativity. As the study notes: continue reading »

Connecticut Shooting About Gun Reform, Not Education Reform

I’ve remained silent watching the news about the funerals for the victims—especially the children—of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. I watched two parents on CNN last night talk about the loss of their daughter. continue reading »

Latinos as Consumers and Producers of Organic Food

What comes to mind with the mention of “organic” food? How about in combination with the term “Latino”? continue reading »

November Employment Numbers are Better, But Not For Latinos

The official Bureau of Labor Statistics summary, released this morning, paints a picture that many people are feeling good about: Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 146,000 in November, and the unemployment rate edged down to 7.7 percent. continue reading »