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Tag Results for "News Of Guatemala"

Liquor Store Armed Standoff Leaves 11 Dead, 18 Wounded in Guatemala

A violent standoff in Guatemala at a San Jose Nacahuil liquor store has left 11 dead and 18 others injured. Authorities say they do not know the cause of the armed standoff. San Jose Nacahuil is located some 16 miles north of the capital city of Guatemala City. continue reading »

Plane Crashes in Guatemala, Bags of Money Found at Site

Six men died Friday in a plane crash in the northwestern Guatemalan province of San Marcos, an official said. continue reading »

Alfonso Portillo, Former Guatemalan President Extradited to U.S., Money Laundering Charges

DEA officials today announced the extradition of Alfonso Portillo, the former President of Guatemala, who is charged with conspiring to launder millions of dollars he embezzled from the Government of Guatemala through bank accounts located in the United States. continue reading »

Guatemalan Ex-Dictator Rios Montt Guilty Verdict Overturned by Constitutional Court

Guatemala's Constitutional Court overturned former dictator Efrain Rios Montt's genocide conviction and ordered a partial retrial. continue reading »

Guatemalan Ex-Dictator Hospitalized After Guilty Verdict Causes Collapse

Guatemalan former dictator Efrain Rios Montt, facing 80 years in prison for genocide and crimes against humanity, was hospitalized Monday after collapsing on his way to a court hearing, his lawyer said. continue reading »

Guatemala’s Mayan-Inspired Time Capsule to Open in 2065

Taking a page book out of the Mayan's Guatemala has launched a time capsule that will not be opened until 52 years from now. The marble time capsule will contain messages from leading thinkers in Guatemala to describe society today. continue reading »