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Tag Results for "News From Brazil"

POLL:  Brazilians Support the Importing of Doctors from Cuba

Nearly 74 percent of Brazilians support President Dilma Rousseff's decision to recruit physicians from Cuba and other foreign nations to bolster this country's struggling public health system, a poll released Tuesday shows. continue reading »

Newborn Deaths in Brazil Tied to Bacteria, Hygiene in Question at Hospitals

Brazilian medical authorities have concluded that 6 newborn deaths in the past 12 days are tied to a bacteria found in standing liquids and damp surfaces. continue reading »

U.S. State Dept. Confirms U.S. Citizen Raped, Kidnapped in Rio de Janeiro

The State Department has confirmed what Brazilian and French authorities had stated earlier, that a U.S. citizen was the victim of a vicious gang rape and kidnapping in Rio de Janiero this past Sunday. continue reading »

21-Year-Old U.S. Student Identified as Victim of Gang Rape in Brazil

Brazilian and French authorities are confirming that the victim of Sunday’s horrific kidnapping and gang rape was a 21-year-old U.S. student that was accompanied by her French boyfriend. continue reading »

Google Art Project Preserving Sao Paulo Street Art

Google’s online platform, Google Art Project, that preserves art including urban art that might disappear at the drop of a hat has added street art from Sao Paulo, Brazil. continue reading »