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Tag Results for "New York"

Could JLO and Bradley Cooper Be Dating?

TMZ says Jennifer López and Bradley Cooper had a romantic dinner at the trendy “Per Se” in New York City, Friday. People.com, says it was just business. Could there be Sparks? continue reading »

Watch New York Mets’ José Reyes Shortstopping Reggaetón Rhymes (VIDEO)

Take a look at the video of the Mets player with Voltio, Vakero, Poeta Callejero & Big Mato. What do you think? continue reading »

Prince Royce to Record First Album En Inglés

Scheduled to be released in late 2011 Prince Royce's first English language album release will be recorded at the same time as his 2nd Spanish album. continue reading »

John Leguízamo Getes “Made in NY” Award From Mayor Bloomberg

The actor got his award only days before being named the Global Ambassador of the arts at Sunday’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade. continue reading »

Several Latinos Nominated to 2011 Tony Awards

Meet the Latinos whose outstanding work on Broadway earned them a nomination for the most prestigious award in Theatre. continue reading »

“Taxi-Cab Confessions” Remake with a Latino Tinge at UrbanoTV.com (VIDEO)

Remember channel surfing like an insomniac drone at 3:00 AM back in the nineties, and stumbling upon the HBO show about people spilling all kinds of beans in the backseat of a taxi? continue reading »

Judge Modifies Murder Suspect’s Home Confinement To Coach Little League

Anthony Colandra, of New York, is a suspect in a double murder and an alleged gangster but that didn’t stop a judge from allowing him more time out from home confinement. continue reading »

Five Teenage Girls Assault Hispanic Wendy’s Employee, Post the Video on Youtube (VIDEO)

New York Police charged two fifteen-year old girls, and are after two more teenage girls accused of ganging up and beating on a Wendy's employee in Queens; their attack was posted on YouTube. continue reading »

More Than a Dozen Chihuahuas Fly First Class to New York

More than a dozen Chihuahuas got the red carpet treatment and flew in style from San Francisco, to new homes in New York where they stand a better chance to find a loving home, than they do in California. continue reading »

ICE Arrests 54 previously Deported Aliens in the NYC Area

This week, the largest U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation of its kind targeting previously deported criminal aliens was carried out all over the greater New York City area. Dubbed Operation R continue reading »

23 Gang-related Arrests in New York

May, the ICE Violent Gang Units have arrested a total of 170 suspected gang members and associates in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island. "Transnational gangs operate as criminal organizations that prey on immigrants continue reading »