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Tag Results for "New Mexico News"

Quarter of Mexican Migrant Workers in New Mexico Suffer Wage Theft

One in every four Mexican immigrant workers in New Mexico has been the victim of wage theft, but just 12 percent of those people filed a complaint or recovered their pay, according to a report presented Thursday. continue reading »

New Mexico Man Attempts to Pay Prostitute with McDonald Meal

New Mexico trucker Donald Jones, 58, is in trouble with authorities for trying to pay for sex with his McDonald’s meal and we are sure McDonald’s Corp is not happy with the publicity. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: After Biting Off Person’s Finger, Man is Hit by Car

A New Mexico man was arrested this week after he bit off part of another man’s pinky and was hit by a car. When 23-year-old Leandro Sage hit his girlfriend, her brother, 25-year-old Robert Martinez stepped in to defend her. continue reading »

NM Governor Susana Martinez Continues to Oppose Licenses for Undocumented

Governor Susana Martinez has renewed her fight against a law that allows undocumented immigrants in New Mexico to receive driver’s licenses. continue reading »

Justice Department Investigating Albuquerque, New Mexico Police for Excessive Force

The Justice Department announced today that it has opened a civil investigation into use of force by the city of Albuquerque, N.M., Police Department (APD) continue reading »

Las Cruces Tea Party Displays Confederate Flag on Float and Wins Prize

Yes, the Las Cruces, New Mexico Tea Party display of the Confederate flag is “contrary to what 99% of the people think” but that didn’t stop the parade float with the flag from winning an award. continue reading »

New Mexico Law Now Protects Homegrown Chiles from Foreign ‘Chile’ Invaders

As of this Sunday any chile not grown in New Mexico cannot advertise itself as a ‘New Mexico chile’. The ‘New Mexico Chile Advertising Act’ will be monitored by the U.S. Agriculture department to ensure all chile’s labeled ‘New Mexico chile’ are indeed New Mexican. continue reading »

Chihuahua Named ‘Peggy Leg’ Will Become First “Bionic Dog”

A New Mexico pup may soon be able to walk a little easier as she is about to be given a "bionic leg" thanks to North Carolina State University. Peggy Leg the Chihuahua was born with just three paws continue reading »

Latino Blotter:  Narco Raid Nets Hardcore Porno in 5-Year-Olds School Backpack

New Mexico Narcotics Task Force officers found hardcore, graphic pornography in a 5-year-olds backpack when they were searching a home for drugs. continue reading »

New Mexico Tourism Ad Causing Controversy with “Light-skinned” Casting Call

A tourism ad that hasn’t even been seen yet is causing quite a stir for a few reasons. Residents were annoyed that an ad promoting New Mexico was not being produced by a New continue reading »

DO YOU SEE IT? New Mexico Man Sees Face of Jesus in a Tortilla

A New Mexico man says he has seen the face of Jesus and you can too. David Sandoval of Española, NM believes the face of Jesus, the son of God, in the discoloration of a tortilla he found on Ash Wednesday. continue reading »

Latino Teens Steal Bait Car—Caught on Video (VIDEO)

A 14-year-old and an 18-year old were looking for a ride to a party last Friday, when they stumbled upon a bait car and hopped in for a joyride. continue reading »