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Tag Results for "New Mexico Governor"

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez Needs a New Hairstylist

As a result of her opposition to same-sex marriage, Gov. Susana Martinez (R) will have to find a new hairstylist. Her former stylist, Antonio Darden, owner of Antonio‚Äôs Hair Studio in Santa Fe, refuses to continue seeing the Governor. continue reading »

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Faces Grand Jury Questions About Campaign Finances

The 2008 presidential campaign of Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico, is currently under investigation by a federal grand jury for suspected campaign-finance violations. As details of the case came to light continue reading »

NM Gov. Martinez Pushes to Pass Anti-immigrant Law, Reveals Grandparents Were Undocumented

Just as New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is pushing to pass legislation making it illegal for undocumented immigrants to attain a New Mexico driver's license, continue reading »